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Are You Unhappy With Your Conversion Rate?

Have you got a visually attractive ecommerce store? Are your products displayed effectively? Is it easy to use? Is navigation evident? Is your checkout secure?

There are a lot of individuals reading this who will be answering ‘yes’ to each of those questions. However, there will be one nagging question they can’t answer, and this is; why isn’t my conversion rate soaring then?

A lot of companies aren’t reaching the level of conversions they would like, however they are unsure as to why this is the case. This is a massive problem. After all, turning viewers into customers is what ecommerce is all about. This blog post is here to help. Continue reading to discover some web development conversion-based tips.

To address the lack of conversions and find the right ecommerce solutions one of the main things you need to look at is where customers are abandoning your site. Are they getting to the homepage and leaving instantly?

Or is the problem routed deeper within your site. Are customers abandoning their shopping carts?

According to research, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate stands at over 67.91 per cent. This is a monumental figure. If this is where your website is suffering, then what can you do to fix the issue?

There are varied ecommerce solutions at your disposal. Free shipping is one of the best options. A Forrester study indicated that 44 per cent of customers abandon shopping carts because of high delivery fees.

Aside from this, make sure there are no hidden charges, offer various payment options, reduce the amount of pages involved in the checkout process and don’t force the consumer to register with your company before making a sale.

It could actually be your landing page which needs tweaking. What is a landing page?

This is the initial page a potential consumer will see once they have clicked on a link or an advertisement in order to be brought to your website. This is the initial contact, thus it is crucial. So, what are the ecommerce solutions you can use to ensure your landing page is bringing in the conversions?

Firstly you need to make your landing page valuable. Entice customers with fantastic deals and incentives. This will intrigue them and make them want to find out what else you have to offer. But one of the most important things is continuity. If a customer has clicked on an advertisement for deals on cocktail dresses and aren’t brought to anything related to this product they are going to immediately click off your website.

One thing a shockingly massive number of companies are getting wrong is asking for too much information during the checkout process.

Customers feel like you are probing into their privacy unnecessarily. If you don’t need a certain piece of information, then don’t ask for it. It is as simple as that. One of the biggest errors is having a required phone number field. This is especially the case if you don’t explain your reasons why.

If you run a grocery delivery company and want the individual’s telephone number to ring them encase the delivery guy is running late, then state this on site. It will make the consumer understand. However, if you don’t state why, then individuals are going to assume you are going to inundate them with advertisements and pass their information onto third party companies. If you don’t need the telephone number, don’t make it a required field.

A lot of conversion rate ideas are centred on increasing trust.

  • The easiest way of doing this is through implementing trust signals on your product pages. What does this mean? Essentially, any sign that will reduce the risk in the eyes of the consumer. For example, offering free returns is an excellent way of doing so.

Another way to increase consumer trust is through having a product review option. This increases transparency and allows people to hear about the product from those who have actually bought it and experienced it.

  • Does it look like it does in the picture?
  • If it is clothing is it true to size?
  • If it is an electric gadget is it easy to use?
  • If you believe in your products you will have no problem offering one of the product review ecommerce solutions.

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