Attract The Big Custom To Your Business by

Attract The Big Custom To Your Business

Being a small fish is a very big, and currently very unstable, pond is not an easy game. The idea of setting up a business is almost dream like. We spend so much time imagining the lifestyle that we’ll gain, the thoughts of how wonderful it’ll be to hand in a notice and leave a 9-5 job, and how once you have an idea the business will just flow.

It’s easy to forget that running a business isn’t as easy as having a business and just rolling with it, and currently we’re living through unprecedented times that are testing both big and well established corporations, as well as the small business that were already putting up a fight.

So, now more than ever it’s important to attract big business to your own business. Whether it be in the form of contracts with big brands, or attracting large groups of customers.

We’re going to show you how you can do both successfully! 

Attracting The Big Fish

If your business runs on securing contracts to bigger businesses, for example you might have a service to offer them that will help them run their business, you need to gauge which businesses you can target.

Some of the big brands won’t be interested in a small business as they will already have their tenders and contracts outsourced to huge businesses that are experts in the field. But, you can focus your attention on rapidly growing businesses that might still be looking for the cheapest and viable option, which is where a small business like yourself swoops in.

Having a clear sales pitch is essential, focusing on what you can bring to their company, what your company does, and the values and ethics you have. Often contracts are built on the values both businesses have and the shared vision you both have for the business you’re trying to connect with.

If you share their vision and values, along with providing a great service, you’re in! 

The Simplistics Of Marketing

It’s important to think of the simplistics of marketing. At the minute we tend to be pushed towards online marketing methods due to the world being so online. However, traditional methods such as mailing and printing hold so much potential. Action Mailing & Printing Solutions are avenues to explore.

Mailing and printing delivers high quality finishes to printing designs that can help to sell your business. A crisp print can display the advertisement you need, and can be placed into shopping centres, offices, shop windows, anywhere you can get it placed.

Mailing solutions is another marketing method targeting the mailbox of your potential customers and is a good one to keep running in the background at all times. 

Handling The Lack Of Production 

Finally, we know some of you will be experiencing extreme stress at the minute due to the lack of production. Depending on where you’re based in the world and what your business does, the current pandemic will have crippled many small businesses and you’re likely to be one of them.

The advice we can give is to work with your accountant, business financial advisors, and business advisors to work out a plan of action to keep your business running at a low level. 

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