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Career Skills To Learn In 2022

The world is moving quickly forward, and nobody wants to be left behind; that’s why relevant career development skills are more important than ever before. In this article, you will find a short list of key skills needed to enhance your career, your small business, or personal skills.  

Digital Literacy 

Nowadays, digital literacy means more than understanding email and word processing; while these are still fundamental aspects of digital literacy, there is now more to consider. Modern employees tend to have a working knowledge of basic coding, app integrations, and more. 

If you don’t have much experience collaborating on projects using the google suite or Microsoft 365 and aren’t well-versed with video communication platforms like Zoom or chat apps like Slack, it’s time to start your training. There are plenty of learning materials you can find online.  

Writing Skills 

In the last decade, workplaces became increasingly digital, which is not surprising when you consider how much of our general communication takes place using electronic devices. If you’re a person that uses chat to speak to friends, it’s time to update your written communication. 

Whether you are writing an email to your boss, or a message in the Slack chatroom, you need to be able to assume a professional tone and communicate your ideas clearly. Additionally, today’s workplaces might require you to update the website or write some marketing copy.  

Productivity Skills 

Productivity is not only important for businesses; it’s also important for ensuring that you reach your personal and career targets for the year. People have different levels of personal productivity, but it’s always wise to reflect on this every now and then and learn new skills.  

No matter what career you find yourself in, you will be required to deliver results, so make sure you have the self-management skills that help you to avoid mistakes and make the most of your time. Productivity skills can be learned by attending online courses and changing lifestyle habits.  

Website Development 

Whether it’s for your freelance business, personal project, or to update your career skills, website development is an excellent area to explore. The ability to create and modify a website can be profitable in a freelance capacity, but it can also add to your value as a modern worker. 

There are two ways to learn about website development, you can learn some raw coding skills from a digital academy, or you can choose a popular website building platform like WordPress or Squarespace and learn the rope. A combination of the two approaches is also recommended.  

Graphic Design 

As with website development, graphic design skills are growing in usefulness – both in a freelance capacity and as a career enhancement attribute. When you have some graphic design skills, it allows you to create eye-catching ads and web pages. It also makes you more valuable. 

There are various ways to get started with graphic design, but first, think about what you need these skills for; if it’s to advance your career, it might be best to attend an accredited training course, but if it’s to build a freelance business, a cheaper option might be a better approach.   

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