Careers That Challenge All Of Your Skills

Do you ever feel like your career is just the least mentally stimulating thing in your life. Like watching paint dry takes more of your concentration than your job actually does.

Well, we can all feel like that from time to time, because it’s just so true. When all you’re doing is clicking on a computer, or pushing papers round an office, you’re not using all of your skills that you have. This can lead to that mind numbing feeling that you feel when you’re at work. But luckily for you, there is a way to get out of it.

All you need to do is find a career that’s going to use all of your skills to the best of your ability.

The ones that are going to challenge your mind on a daily basis, and allow you to actually get some enjoyment from your job.

We’re going to enlighten you to some of these, and we hope to direct you to a more stimulating career.

Commercial Account Executive


Luckily for you, to start a career in this area you don’t have to have any qualifications. You could go in at a trainee level, and could so easily work your way up to become super successful.

This career also comes with a very nice paycheck, which is always a good factor. This role involves working with companies to set up and promote business to business sales.

You’d either work for a company and be hired on a salary basis, or you could go freelance and have the freedom of being your own boss, and being able to earn more money potentially.

With going freelance you do set your own rate, but you’re obviously not always guaranteed work. But there are companies such as IDEX Consulting that could put you forward for a role.

Your main job will be interacting with big business people, so having the gift of the gab and being able to negotiate good deals are essential. But you will pick up all of this as you go along.


Teaching is just an all round good career. But boy will it challenge all of your skills.

You’ll have to problem solve, work within time-frames, have great planning skills, as well as communication.

The list of skills for teaching could definitely go on, and most of us have them naturally within us. To go into teaching you will have to do a course. Whether you do a degree alongside learning to teach, or whether you just go to university and get your teaching degree afterwards, it’s up to you.

It might require a little bit more effort, but the reward you’ll get from the career is more than worth it. Plus, there’s plenty of room for progression here.


Sales is a pretty challenging one to try and get into.

You have to know how to talk to people, deal with difficult situations, and think on your feet on a daily basis. But it is the rush and pressure of sales that people seem to like the most. You’ll not doubt have targets to meet daily, but these can often come with bonus rewards. This line of work is definitely a money earner if you have the right mindset for it.

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