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Conflict In The Workplace

At some point in your career, you will be required to moderate some form of argument or disagreement that has come between two employees.

It is a part of your job after all. No matter who it is between or how loud it is, you can take preventative measures before anything escalates to more than just some angry words shot back and forth. It is up to you to look these situations head on and deal with them as soon as they erupt.

  • As soon as there is any hint of a spat forming, call out those involved.
  • Schedule individual meetings with both of them to truly understand the perspectives involved and what the core of the tension is all about.
  • Aside from the emotional venting that will happen, press for actual facts tied to the event, such as what led up to it and what triggered the explosion.
  • If there were bystanders, meet with them as well to discuss what they saw.
  • The more information you have going into a counseling session between the two parties, the better chance you’ll have at reaching some form of reconciliation.

Now that you’ve taken the time to paint as clear and objective picture of the situation as possible, it is time to bring the individuals together for a group meeting.

Give both sides the time to tell their story (again).

Often there will be facts that come up that did not come up during an one-on-one interviews. With everything out on the table, it is now time to begin working toward finding common ground.

  • Are there things they both can agree with?
  • Are there things both can disagree with?

Finding what works and what doesn’t is a great way to create some form of unity.

  • Finally, it is time to hash out the details of a compromise.

This part may be tedious as both parties will need to give a little bit each way – in order to find a solution that works.

Do not try to force a quick resolution as their egos will have them firmly placed in the mindset that they are correct, not their opposition.

Simultaneously, address what negative emotions they feel toward one another. If these are out on the table, the true root of the problem can be exposed and properly dealt with, deterring any future outbreaks of arguments.

Disagreements will happen!

Certain people just do not get along and this is ‘acceptable‘ as long as they respect one another. The only inexcusable thing is when they start causing conflict, bringing their personal issues into the work place. If you feel – you need advice, have a look at this article:

Always be alert and ready to stop such a development from ever occurring through counseling. Once both parties meet and openly share their feelings, the healing process can begin without the need for ‘paperwork’ and formal letters.

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