Helping Employees Observe. #NewToHR

Helping Employees Observe

Observations allow us to analyze and react to a number of different situations.

It is our attention to detail that aided our evolution from nomads to the vast, sprawling cities we inhabit today.

The various reactions we have to detail directly impacts how we work. Once you figure out your style or another’s, you can help increase productivity by hacking into the very thought processes that run rampant when we are presented with problems to solve. Each strength can then also be assigned to the best roles within a company.

Those focused on time make the absolute best project planners.

They are meticulous at planning out everything, often maintaining lists and calendars. Because of this, they can easily get lost in the details and forget to even start a project. To prevent this, start writing the plans out. Detail everything that needs to be researched and obtained to make the project a reality. Also, share this with other employees to get their opinion as they will have insight you lack. If upsets do happen during the project process, take a deep breath and remember that everything can be worked around.

Spatially aware employees are known as the stereotypically detail oriented ones.

They notice the visual imperfections and matches. Never one for disorganization, many are the neatest employees, constantly obsessing over keeping their desk clean. To increase productivity, organize everything you need to get done visually. This way, you can see everything and physically move things around based on time frame and length of project. It is also important to accept that not everything can be perfect. Use your time wisely to focus on the things with the greatest impact.

Finally, value details surround everything else.

Be it stakeholder value or ethics, they seek things that inspire those around them. In addition, many can feel that they do not have enough to live off of or will never have enough, causing them to overwork even though they are otherwise in a financially stable position. For employees in this sphere, it is best to determine the worth of each project and what can be done to it to make it have the most impact on others. If they seem lost, have them determine what they value. This will give them a center of detail to follow as they begin to work their projects.

Details drive success, but too many details can inhibit it. Use these three styles of observation to better understand your employees!

They look to you for guidance, and the more tools you have to help them overcome their blocks, the stronger the team will become. In the end, the main goal is to help the employees help themselves so that they become fully fledged, responsible leaders that will help drive the future of the company.

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