The Road To Success Is Lonely. #NewToHR

The Road To Success Is Lonely

There is no question that there are many things that successful people have in common.

They are very proactive people and they believe in working hard and working smart, but there is another thing that all people who succeed have in common and it’s not something they do, but something that inevitably happens to them on the road to success.

That something is the fact that they will be quite lonely during this process, but there is a perfectly good explanation for this:

  • The average person is not someone who believes in hard work and sacrifice.
  • The average person would rather just get by and have enough time to waste in leisure, instead of working hard and sacrificing a few years by wasting as little time as possible.

The sad thing is that when you start sharing with people that you are winding down some of your fun activities for a while and you will not be joining them for the usual get together, they may react a bit resentful for example.

The problem is that we live in a society where people believe – you need to be in constant interaction with others in order to consider them friends.

These are the kind of people that you will start to see less and less. A very small number of people will understand that you need to focus on your future and that is the reason why you are no longer hanging out with them. That small group of people will be happy to hang out with you even if it takes years to see you again.

Most of the people that you have ever considered friends in life will eventually be nothing but strangers to you. Is that a sad thing to consider?

Yes, maybe so, but it is also something that you cannot avoid.

Some people have this strange and unrealistic attachment to the bond they have with their friends. They feel losing old friends and making new ones is too traumatic and they feel betrayed when a friend of theirs decides that they need to take care of their own lives and they need to distance themselves from the activities they used to do often.

This is the main reason why successful people will constantly tell you that the road to success is lonely, but you need to take the courage to walk that lonely road.

You need to remind yourself that all your friends will have problems of their own in the future and they will not be able to live their whole lives the way they do right now.

It is very likely that none of your friends will be able to help you out when you have financial problems, because they will have their own problems to think about. This is the main reason why you should always put your needs and the needs of your family above anything else. The longer you spend worrying about pleasing your friends and having to please them in order to maintain a friendship, the harder it will be for you to be successful!

Most successful people had to work very hard to reach their current status.

If everyone was able to be successful by making average efforts, there would be way too many successful people out there, but we all know that this is not the case. They are a minority because successful people will usually have to work extra hard and make a lot of sacrifices to find true success.

Remember the road to the top might be lonely, but you can be sure it will be worth it.

All the people that truly care about you and love you, will understand that you need to do this in order to achieve more than the ‘average’ person does!

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