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External Buddy Support When Starting Out

All you need is a lot of energy, willingness to learn & an external buddy to head start in your career.

It is very important to find just the right guidance at the beginning of your career, a little guidance and some training goes a long way.

When it comes to external buddy support, new recruits are in many cases in need of it.

There is no shame in learning the ways of the organization that you have only recently joined, from someone who knows the working patterns, and makes you feel welcomed in an organization. This is directly linked with the level of our motivation and hence productivity.

You must understand that a buddy will only do you good.

This buddy will introduce you to the rest of the staff, so you do not need to struggle to make social interactions, everyone will interact with you to make you feel welcomed and help you with any difficulty that you may come up.

Most fresh graduates have not lots of field experience and an external buddy is absolutely vital.

The positive communication boosts the learning process and soon this fresh induct is able to help another fresh induct, hence this cycle builds a strong and well connected team as well helps enhance productivity and ensure that work ethics are well practiced.

Your HR team will assign a supervisor to act as an external buddy; this will do wonders for the new employee and works miraculously when looking to form a strong team and create higher motivation levels.

With this operational support comes empowerment that does not only make young people feel valued but also gives them opportunities, better opportunities to shine.

Under supervision, much more can be accomplished faster by these young talented individuals, as they will be exposed to more opportunities and will have guidance to make the most out of. This type of induction training can guide you through and help you learn with work experiences, you will feel safer with your external buddy around and not isolated or “New”.

Your buddy will be able to set boundaries and expectations of your new onboarding program.

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