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The Corporate Coach

Also known as consultants, these coaches are professionals in the field of isolating problems and fixing them, offering a valuable outsider’s approach to fixing internal problems.

Though we like to think our focus can never waver, it is very easy to slowly become so sidetracked the overarching dream vanishes entirely, costing the business money or stalling its growth.

When this happens, calling in another to assess the situation and provide the means to restart the otherwise dead growth. Featuring week-long seminars or short weekend meetings, there are three main areas coaches adhere to when locating the key issues.

When a business slows, it is rarely because of one person.

Multiple people make the machine run and multiple people get it to jam up. Working with them every day, however, muddles your perception of such a thing, hence the importance a neutral force. Generally, the first thing a coach does when tasked with aiding a new company is to take a look at the team and evaluate their strengths and skills alongside their weaknesses. Building from this, group conferences may be held to talk out any problems people might been having with the working environment, their job or perhaps a colleague in order to move on to a more productive mindset.

Second to personal employee issues is the refocus of the vision.

After days of meetings and the usual rigmarole of daily dealing, it is easy to become side-tracked into losing focus and losing drive.

With no knowledge of any personal or business issues, the coaches have the freedom to think outside of the box that an employee may have built for themselves. They take the employee through some guiding questions that lead you out of your comfortzone and trained way of thinking, helping you rediscover what it was that drove you (your career) in the first place.


There are many kinds of sparking dissention within the team. When there is an apparent leadership issue, the coach comes in to act as mediator between the team and their project-head.

Maybe as an employee you are too hard. Maybe you are not hard enough. “Favoritism”, “laziness” or “rudeness” are all issues that keep teams from achieving corporate goals. While the coach will meet with everyone, most of the time is spent with the designated leader to help them assess themselves and determine the best actions to take to become more effective.

If you feel stuck with no clear way out, coaches can help you move in a direction so you do not have to pick up the pieces.

They bring incredible insight to behaviour, attitude, ways of being authentic and yourself.

A coach whether one for your career or life clearly labels ‘keys’ and then provide solutions on how to fix them. Provided everyone is willing to try and work toward success, they are essential pieces to keeping the business healthy.

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