Breaking Down HR Global Barriers. #NewToHR

Breaking Down HR Global Barriers

Managing both local and global operations is something that a growing number of enterprises are focusing on, and the HR department has a central role to play in the success of this endeavour.

Forging close and productive links between globally disparate branches is one aspect of this challenge, while utilising the long arm of social media to attract the right sort of talent from an international pool is another.

An enriching global culture

An international company has to contend with differences in culture and language but the potential benefits of bringing together globally distinct branches into a unified company culture are worth the effort.

Forward-thinking People professionals have been experiencing the enriching effect of collaboration and some companies have even set up international networks of People Managers to identify the strengths of their local operation and manage the process of synergy.

What they have found is that while one branch excels in one HR area of responsibility, for example recruiting, another will have created an effective in-house training programme. Bringing these skills together takes both advanced planning and cross-cultural integration, which can be very demanding since working patterns, etiquette and priorities vary between nations. Realising this, the best organisations have prioritised creating a global identity that respects diversity while making the most of shared values such as the drive for success and excellence, both as individuals and team members.

The role of Social Media

People professionals may have arrived late on the social media scene, but they are now increasingly present at the interface between companies and their socially-orientated public, including future employees.

Big players such as Samsun, AXA, Santander and Virgin Media have already embraced a new open, transparent communication platform involving employees, customers and other stakeholders and more companies are following suit all the time.

Not only does social media break down global barriers by giving recruiters access to an international pool of talent, and enabling them to circulate news of career opportunities in real time, it is also increasingly being used as a means to get to know job applicants between the application and interview phases, cutting down on the number of 'poor fit' hires.

In addition, by helping to manage the social face of the company, HR professionals can help to ensure that they only appeal to those applicants who are likely to resonate with the company culture.

With surveys revealing that customers are apt to trust the word of reviewers above company advertising, the value of employees in promoting company values over social media has become widely recognised in recent years, with an increased focus on training staff on how to communicate with the public in a professional, respectful but authentic manner.

People professionals can help to identify and train those members of staff with the ideal personality and attitude to become brand ambassadors.

In all, today’s global marketplace, the advance of IT and social media and the movement away from process-driven strategies means there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in Human Resources.

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