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Global HR

Globalization, the unification of every aspect of a business culture and strategies, is becoming increasingly more important as companies work to streamline their goals to get an edge on the competition.

Nowhere is this more necessary than in People Management (Human Resources) as of their involvement with the hiring process, legal compliance, and benefits, the future of a thoroughly streamlined company rests in their hands.

Hiring for every department, from IT to sales, means there will be a plethora of extremely different candidates with extremely different attitudes designed to fit their specialisations.

It is incredibly important for the HR team to understand each section of a company and know how to evaluate an individual based on how they will fit in their department and how they will fit in with the company overall.

Knowing how to find and hire the best and most solid candidates benefits a company’s profile as well as keeps it running efficiently.

Though the most wordy and often changing aspect of HR, legal compliance is of utmost importance.

In today’s world, simply knowing the rules regarding hiring practices is not enough. Each person in HR must know the laws protecting each employee (from break times to hours per week) as well as all of the tax laws (when they deal with payroll). By unifying the understanding of these laws in one place, the threat of illegal activity decreases immensely and prevents any unnecessary audits while the company continues to grow.

What constitutes a benefit is undergoing more transition today than it ever did in the past. Flexible work hours, paternity leave, and telecommuting are all new additions to the needs of employees that have never before been a normal part of work activity. Because these issues come up more and more frequently, it’s important to take the lead and start putting together rules and regulations for these occurrences. HR must start dealing with how to address each new situation and know exactly how to adapt or else lose great candidates as well as current employees and business customers!

The future is now and with it comes the responsibility of an entirely new adaptation of HR management.

Though not fully required as of yet, it is of utmost importance to begin implementing these new aspects before the company starts losing talent to other places that have a functioning global HR department. From hiring to new types of benefits, human resources is at a pivotal turning point and must be able to adapt or else risk being left behind.

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