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Creating Appropriate Workspaces For Your Employees

When you first start out in business, chances are, you complete most of the work yourself. But as demand grows, you’ll likely have to start working with a team of staff to keep everything up and running. Of course, when you take on staff, you’re going to have to provide them with spaces to work in. Here are a few to focus on and how to make them into positive, welcoming and safe spaces for the staff working within them.


A significant number of your staff are likely to work in office spaces. These spaces can vary greatly in aesthetic and functionality, so make sure to take your time when choosing an office space. You should make sure that the space has more than enough room for all staff members. This will allow for expansion.

You will also need to consider location. The more easily accessible the place is, the better quality staff you will be able to bring in, as you won’t be limited to simply choosing people with cars who are willing to travel out of their way. For the space itself, try to choose something flooded with natural light. This has been found to not only look more aesthetically pleasing, but to maximise your staff members’ productivity too.


Warehouses are busy spaces where staff safety needs to be prioritised. So, health and safety, as well as practicality and logic, should be at the heart of this space’s design. When designing a warehouse space, you need to think about more than where and how your products will be stored and stacked.

You also need to consider factors such as how machinery can be moved around the aisles to collect heavier or higher packages. You also need to consider the flooring. Generally, Impact Floors are recommended to provide floors that can withstand impact from dropped items, machinery and more. They are also easier to clean due to their smooth nature. If you have a large warehouse, you may also need to consider fire curtains in case of fire. This will slow the spread.

Remote Workers

Of course, throughout the pandemic, many staff have switched to working on a remote basis in order to minimise contact with others and slow the spread of the virus. As vaccines are being rolled out around the world, a return to work is becoming possible, but many staff have expressed a preference for remote work, while many businesses have noticed its benefits.

When staff remote work, your costs are cut, helping to increase your profit margins. Of course, when staff work from home, you have limited control over the environment they’re working in. But you can take steps to provide them with some of the equipment that they need. Consider having ergonomic furniture delivered to them and ask them if they require anything extra for support.

As you can see, you take on a fair amount of responsibility as an employer and one thing you need to focus on is your staff members’ workspaces. Hopefully, some of the above information will help you create some great spaces for them!

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