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Human Management Tips: Best Healthier Options To Micro-Management

As things continue to evolve, you must find new ways of getting things done. Many people are turning away from micro-management and are instead opting for more human management strategies that have proven to be healthier in the long run. 

This blog post will go over some of the best tips that can help you implement these techniques into your workday!

Develop Employee Ownership

One of the primary reasons organizations fail is that their employees lack ownership of what they do. Developing employee ownership can make it easier to motivate and increase engagement among your staff members and create more trust between management and staff.

The first step to developing employee ownership is convincing your staff that you trust them.  This can be done by being transparent and honest with the employees, letting them have a voice in decision making, giving them autonomy over their work, developing dialogue between management and staff about expectations for future tasks/projects, as well as showing respect for their ideas, opinions, and points of view.

Even so, it would help not to trust your employees completely, and instead, take measures. One effective way to do this is tracking their moves. Learn how to find someone’s location by simply typing their phone number to know their whereabouts in case they don’t show up for work. You may want to learn more about this from post Family Orbit

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Another tip is to provide real-time feedback. This starts with recognizing that a person’s performance can change instantly, and you need to stay on top of it. When someone is doing something right, tell them what they are doing well–whether in front of their peers or privately. This will motivate people to do more of that behaviour.

The second tip is to provide a clear vision of what you want. Telling someone how you would like them to behave is not enough–you need to tell them why, which takes some time upfront. You also have to explain the desired outcome so people understand where they are heading and if it will be worth their effort.

Encourage Peer Accountability

Groups of people are proven to be more productive than individuals.  Thus, if you want your team members to work better as a unit, it’s essential for them all to feel accountable and responsible for their teammates’ success or failures in this group environment. 

The best way to do that is by encouraging peer accountability where teammates mutually support each other and hold one another accountable for meeting their goals. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to impose peer accountability on an organization because people don’t like being told what to do. 

Still, it’s possible to create a culture of accountability and trust by taking the time to set expectations clearly, give feedback often, and focus on how your employees can do better.

The key to success in a business is not only for the manager but also for the employee. Everyone needs a healthy balance between micromanagement and greater autonomy, which will lead you on your way to happiness at work. It’s time you start taking responsibility as an individual and company to improve workplace satisfaction by shifting your mindset and behavior.

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