Data Protection Tips For Small Businesses by

Data Protection Tips For Small Businesses

Now that 2020 is finally over a lot of us are trying to look forward in a positive way to 2021 and the things it can bring us in terms of business and personal health. 

Where COVID is still on our heels for a while, there is a whole new chance for small companies to startup in the new year and make some real waves in their industries. If you are starting an online business in 2021 and want to keep everything safe and secure – we have some handy tips for you today. 

Here are some data protection as well as security tips for you to follow today. 

Use LastPass 

LastPass is a password catalog and creator designed to help you create secure passwords for all of your major accounts and store them in a secure library where you don’t need to remember them by heart.

It is all too easy to come up with a password which has some personal meaning to you such as a birthday or a name with numbers at the end – but as a business owner these passwords need to be more secure because the accounts you have likely will have some customer and business information inside. Use LastPass to generate random passwords and secure your accounts for the protection of yourself and your customers. 

Create a CRM system 

A CRM system is the ideal way to keep a customer’s data safe as well as manage it when the customer no longer wants to be associated with your business.

When you launch a CRM system you will be able to create a personal profile for each and every customer you have – and in this profile will be their contact information as well as some information about who they are. This is a secure way to store customer data and if a customer wants to leave you can simply remove their profile and this will be safe. 

Use KYC checks on customers 

When considering data and security for your business it is important to consider more than your customer.

If you work in an industry that provides services or rentals to your customers you want to make sure that the customer is who they say they are and that they can be trusted. Checking a customer’s identity and background is an important step and something you should do with a KYC check. 

Use cloud services 

Cloud services are an important thing to use for the protection of your data as a company.

As a business owner you will likely have a lot of documents to keep safe and the best way to do this is by having more than one copy. Using Improved Data Services and cloud storage services is a must and you can store things in multiple locations as well as have them accessible when you are on the go. It will make life much easier for you and make a big difference to your business. 

Use these tips and tricks for your small business this year and ensure that it is safe and sound.

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