What You Can Do To Keep Safe From Covid-19 by

What You Can Do To Keep Safe From Covid-19

These are stressful times for everyone, no one wants to catch Covid, but it’s starting to seem like it’s unavoidable with these never-ending quarantines and constant warnings. There’s a lot you can do as an individual to prevent yourself from risk, however! Avoiding the virus isn’t impossible, you just need to make sure you’re taking extra care with everything you do in public, and ensure that you’re not taking any unnecessary risks along the way!

It won’t always be so difficult with new solutions being worked on to help prevent the spread of the virus, but following legal regulations is essential for slowing down the spread!

Systems like Covid-19 contact tracing solutions and immunity credentials are being implemented to help things slowly get back to normal, but none of that can be done if people won’t be careful enough in their daily plans!

Wash hands (hand sanitizer)

It’s now more important than ever to be taking care of your personal hygiene and making sure that you’re frequently washing your hands. This doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard, but if you feel like your hands have come into contact with something that someone could have touched, it would be better and safer for you to make sure your hands are clean! Hand sanitizer is recommended, and can even be taken with you if you want to be extra careful.

You should be a little extra cautious with this and avoid touching your face if you’re not sure if you’ve touched something before washing your hands. You can’t catch the virus through your hands, but touching around your mouth, nose, or eyes may put you at risk!

Wear a mask

Wearing a mask is essential because it allows you to help prevent spreading the virus. Even if you don’t have the symptoms, it’s possible that you may be carrying it, and can spread it without a mask on – please wear a mask to help stop the spread!

Stay away from people

Social distancing can make for pretty poor interactions, but the interaction isn’t worth it if you end up getting the virus as a result. Make sure to stay the regulated amount of distance from people to minimize the risk of getting sick from someone else, even if they are wearing a mask!

Avoid areas with no ventilation

Just because there are no people around anymore, doesn’t mean that the air is clean from the virus. It’s best to avoid spaces where there are little amounts of ventilation so that you can make sure you’re breathing in clean air, safe from infection!

Try to limit going outside

While these are all good tips to help and prevent you from getting the virus when outside, the risk level is never zero, so it’s best to try and make sure that you’re not leaving it to chance too often!

It can be hard to plan out your shopping for essentials, but if you can minimize time spent in public space, you’re less at risk!

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