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Delegation 101: 5 Tasks You Should Delegate To Grow Your Business

Small business owners have to wear several hats when running their businesses. The main idea behind this is saving money by minimizing expenses. However, regardless of how much you try to multitask in the initial stages of your venture, delegating some tasks will increase your profits.

At the end of the day, you will be too tired to do things perfectly. You also have to interrupt some of your work to attend to other things, such as phone calls from customers. There is too much work, including marketing, customer support, and sales, among many others. This leaves you with no time to focus on specific areas.

Tasks You Should Consider Delegating

  • Any task that takes much of your time

If you have a task that takes several hours of your time in a day, then you should consider hiring someone or a team to do the work. Also, avoid any tasks that are likely to consume most of your time.

For example, if your products need to be sampled, do not approach potential customers, instead hire an independent contractor to do the work for you.

  • Any work that sustains cash flow

Every business has a way of getting quick cash. Hire people to do the work and increase your profits. This ensures your working capital does not go down and with time, your business will become stable

  • Any work that keeps your business running

Some tasks are essential as they keep your business running; for example, your security and IT departments. You cannot overlook these two despite having a small business.

Get people with expertise in these areas or those that meet the average standards. Alternatively, you can hire some professionals to work on a part-time basis. For instance, you can outsource your CPA services to Bowman & Company CPA, PC.

  • Legal related tasks

For years, several businesses have had to part with thousands of dollars to get legal services. Fortunately, today you can outsource legal services. Some service providers are located overseas, and their rates are pocket-friendly.

What you need to do is choose a highly recommended firm. Affordable legal services will not only increase efficiency and help save money but also open your business to new markets.

  • Email response tasks

Reading emails can consume your time. As the business owner, you should not be spending most of your time reading and responding to emails. Hire someone to do this work and also schedule meetings for you. This is especially important if you have other employees.

You may also consider hiring a virtual assistant. This is someone who will work remotely but still ensure all emails are read and replied to. Additionally, the virtual assistant can create a list of things for you to do. By doing all these, you will be positioning your business for success.

Bottom Line

Being a business owner doesn’t mean that you should automatically handle all business aspects by yourself.

Embrace your weakness and hire professionals to work on your behalf.

Finding someone with professional skills will be an important addition to your business. What’s more, delegating tasks will help you achieve more and even create time for you to network and create new business.

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