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Developing Sustainable Change Leaders

The business world is changing fast. With constant technological advancements, emerging markets and financial crises on just about every continent, sustainable development has become a fundamental human resource practice.

The modern, globalized marketplace calls for the development of strong leaders today and in the future, and we must be the driving force behind the change.

The organization of the future will yearn for a very different type of leader than we have been accustomed to in the past.

The next generation of management will require minds who can think globally, on a country-wide scale never before seen in business.

They will need to be socially, politically and industry-minded with a clear prediction of how their actions will influence the future.

Relocation may be necessary, so our future leaders must be adaptable, willing to absorb and appreciate different cultures.

Our future leaders must be not only technology-fluent, but technology-vocal, able to exploit the latest systems and processes.

Sustainable leaders are critically important in business as they do not only concentrate on how they can improve the present, they are conscious of how their leadership will impact the company in the future.

In a report by the University of Cambridge, experts stated that aside from developing leaders, sustainable leadership “is concerned with how business can contribute to some of the most significant challenges that the world faces today – from climate change and biodiversity, to working conditions and health amongst the poorest in the world.”

We are now planning for the future in more ways than ever before – is your company ready?

Recruitment is a key player in how our business will develop over the coming years, and hiring the right talent for your company is imperative. If your executives want to take on a green, planet-friendly public image, are you hiring people that represent that goal?


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More and more candidates are choosing, to join a company based on their own social and political views. If a potential employer has profoundly different ethical principles to that of the candidate, it is not a good fit for either party!

HR must make sure they are cautious of how candidates will connect with the brand image in the interview process, if we are to create and sustain the right leaders for our organizations in the future.

The Cambridge study states that “major differences have emerged in recent years between the market value of companies and the book value of their physical assets. …This gap is typically explained by the increased importance of intangible assets, the value of a company’s people, its brands, its relationships and its ways of working.”

Our employees should be our brand advocates, but they won’t represent or respect our company culture – if we fail to create an identity that means something to them.

To sustain the leaders of the future, we must also sustain our brand image in the eyes of our people.

Once the organization and team members share a set of common values and ethics, HR must sustain this relationship by abiding by the morals it has set out! Keeping promises to talent, providing for their needs and communicating successfully are the driving forces behind managing change and sustaining our leaders.

The business world of tomorrow is developing faster than we can measure, and many organizations are already feeling the change that comes with globalization and the need for sustainable leadership. By staying alert to progress, keeping our talent close and remaining socially minded influencers, we can create sustainable leaders for the future without neglecting the needs of the present.

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