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Do You Keep Losing Connection With Your Online Communications?

Online communications in all their forms have made huge changes to how we do business. Thanks to programs like Google Hangouts and Skype, team members from across the office can now communicate without leaving their desks. Even remote team members can check in at a moment’s notice.

Benefits aside, though, relying solely on online communications could spell trouble if you aren’t careful. Team members may soon go weeks without actually talking. That can lead to an unhappy workforce and reduced productivity in your office overall. 

Obviously, neither of these are realities any manager would embrace. And, they’re issues you can largely offset by making the effort to arrange regular face-to-face meetings in either your office or hired meeting spaces. This isn’t to say online communications can’t serve you. But, pairing them with in-person meetings can go a long way towards eliminating the following online communication connection failures.

Taking your time

In theory, online communications save time. This is undoubtedly the case for team members who work on different floors or entirely separate buildings. But, it’s worth noting that total reliance on this communication method can cost time.

That’s because, when you send a message, you have to wait for that person to both open the page and reply. That can take a lot longer than any face-to-face communication, especially in the case of busy departments.

By arranging regular meetings, though, you ensure that members of various teams can come together without having to take specific time out of their days to do so. This could see messages passing much faster than they would, and entire work processes speeding up as a result. 

Crossed wires

Perhaps the most significant downfall of online communications is the capacity for crossed wires.

Let’s face it; you can’t read someone’s tone through a screen. If certain members of your team only ever talk online, then, there’s a real chance for miscommunication. This could lead to workplace rifts and even cases of bullying or other disruptive and unpleasant realities. All because someone misread an exclamation point.

Making sure everyone meets in person at least once a month can eliminate or at least clearing these crossed wires before they pose a problem for your business and your team. 

Creative blocks

A computer screen isn’t the best thing for inviting creativity.

This is why many writers still choose to develop ideas and drafts by hand. And, it’s why you should make space for idea-forming meetings.

The best thing about teamwork in the office is the chance it provides to bounce ideas off one another and get those creative juices flowing. That’s never going to happen through a screen, with those delays and miscommunications we’ve already noticed. By comparison, bringing everyone together in one room at least once a month could see ideas firing all over. 

Online communications undeniably have their place, but don’t use these as alternatives to good old face-to-face interactions. Make time for meetings, too, so that online communication methods never see you losing your connection. 

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