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How To Replace A Lost High School Diploma

Approximately 3.6 million students graduated from high school in 2019.

That’s a lot of high school diplomas that could potentially get lost.

Depending on your industry, a high school diploma may nor may not be particularly important. But you may need it to prove you’ve graduated or to show a potential employer. So how do you deal with a lost high school diploma?

In this blog post, we’ll go over how you can replace your high school diploma for a future job, or simply to have it hanging up in your home or office.

Read on for more information.

Call Your School to Replace a Lost High School Diploma

One of the easiest ways to replace a lost diploma is to call up your old high school. Most high schools will keep a record on all of their students and will allow you to obtain a copy of your diploma and transcript.

If you remember applying for college or jobs, you probably remember that you needed several copies to show off to potential employers and schools. Your school likely either mailed a copy directly to them or gave it to you to do so.

With most schools, they can often accommodate former students by sending the diploma or transcript directly to the location that needs it.

If not, you can almost always obtain one from your school’s registrar. Some schools may charge a nominal fee, and some schools may also charge an additional fee to ensure the diploma is sent more quickly.

If Your School No Longer Exists

Schools close down for a myriad of reasons, and your former high school might have had to close its doors since your graduation. If this is the case for your school, it may make it more difficult to replace your diploma, but it won’t make it impossible.

There are a few ways to go about this. The first way is to contact the school district it used to be a part of if the school was public. In this case, the school district will most likely still hold records of former students to give them if necessary.

You can contact the school district and discuss how to go about getting a hold of old diplomas. There will likely be a system in place to help out students in your dilemma.

If you went to a private school, this can be even trickier. Catholic schools often operate under the umbrella of a diocese, which contains many churches and schools. If you attended a Catholic school, contact the diocese where your school was located and enquire about student records.

Private schools who are not part of a diocese may have also once been connected to a church that is still functioning. In this case, you can contact the church and see what has happened to student records. If the church is no longer functioning, refer to the local chapter of the denomination the church fell under.

Getting Your GED Diploma

Getting your GED transcript is relatively easy. Gone are the days of waiting for the mail to arrive to let you know you’ve passed, or to show to future employers. Instead, you’ll get a notice just a few days after you’ve taken the test, and you can request your diploma and transcript online.

Go to the GED website and go through the process of requesting your diploma or transcript. You can have your diploma sent almost anywhere you would like, or you can have it sent to you for your own records.

If you earned your GED before 2014, there are some special steps you’ll need to take, but the website will walk you through it.

Alternative Options

One alternative option is to buy a high school diploma or transcript. See here to look at some of the options available to those who are interested in doing so.

Buying a faux high school diploma, however, should only be a very last resort and done with caution, especially if you intend to pass it off as real. In some cases, if you get caught, this can result in fraud or other legal troubles, so be wise about making this decision.

If you just want a high school diploma to hang in your study or home office, there is nothing wrong with purchasing one that reflects the school you’ve attended. This is valid, so long as you’re not submitting it to institutions or to potential employers claiming this is the real deal.

You may also wish to order a fake diploma if you’re producing a film or a play, and a diploma from a certain school is part of the plot. In this case, ordering from an online diploma website that’s skilled in creating these types of documents is an excellent idea.

Ordering a fake diploma can also be a great idea for a gag gift.

Replacing a Lost High School Diploma

Replacing a lost high school diploma can get stressful, especially if your school no longer exists. But, there are many steps you can take to ensure that you’re able to produce it so that you can take the next step in your life beyond high school.

Remember, using a faux diploma carries risks, so it is important you go through every avenue before you order one, especially if you intend to pass it off as the real deal.For further reading on all things career, job and employment, visit the rest of our site.

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