12 Ways Technology Can Help A Small Business by

12 Ways Technology Can Help A Small Business

When you’re a small business, you need every scrap of help you can get to stay on top. Technology can help you with everything from day to day admin to your marketing. Here are some easy ways to boost your business with technology. 

  1. Stay in touch. A work mobile is a common thing to have these days, and it means your staff can keep in touch with ease. They can use the phones beyond the obvious calls too, and can keep up with emails, Slack notifications and even access Google Docs on the go. You can use yours to keep up with trade news on the go too.
  2. Software. There are few business tasks that can’t be made simpler with the right software now. You can run payroll easily with online accounting software, track time sheets or manage your team’s holiday calendar, all online. 
  3. Embrace social media marketing. Whether you advertise your events on Facebook, network on LinkedIn or just share pictures of the office dog on Instagram, social media is a great tool. Use it to give your business a human face, to network with clients, or to advertise your services. 
  4. Set up a business website. Make sure you keep it up to date with new products and services. While building your website, make sure it looks smart and functions smoothly, and has easy to find information about who you are and what you do.
  5. If you sell a physical product, would your product sell on eBay or Amazon? You can set up seller pages with both sites and get your products in front of even more pairs of eyes. This could be a massive boost to sales. Facebook Marketplace and Etsy can work well for creative businesses, so consider those too if your product would fit. 
  6. Make use of the cloud to store information. Keep passwords secure to keep data safe, but using the cloud means you can work remotely with ease. Back up everything regularly to be sure it’s safe. 
  7. Use time tracking software to maximise efficiency. You can use this to correctly bill clients for time spent working on their projects. 
  8. Start a blog to keep your website active. A blog, written about industry you’re in can also be a great way to show off your expertise and build trust with potential customers. 
  9. Video is a very popular marketing tool. Is there a way you could use video for your business? Perhaps film a product demonstration, a tour of your production line, or a mini version of a training course you offer? 
  10. Make use of teleconferencing to keep team members part of meetings even when they can’t be in the office. Use webinars to share powerpoint presentations with remote staff members.
  11. Use social media for customer service. Have one of your customer service team members ready to answer questions or handle complaints that come in via Facebook or Twitter. People will often use these tools now instead of calling a business. 
  12. Go paperless to make your business more environmentally friendly and to save money on office supplies. You’ll need less storage space too. 

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