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Do You Thrive Off Pressure In Your Career?

Pressure in life is something we feel from literally all of the angles in the world, you can admit that?

Whether it be work like we’re going to talk about today, or whether you’re thinking about other pressures, such as from your family, from your bank, or from literally anything in the world you can think of. As soon as you’re old enough to start working for yourself and providing for yourself, you realise that the world is just not as easy as it seems. Your bubble is popped with one huge bang, and all of the pressures of adult life fly towards you.

But, if there is one area where you should feel the pressure the most, it’s within your place of work. Good pressure, or bad pressure like most of us experience, it’s something you just won’t be able to escape. But for some of you, it will be the pressure that you really do thrive off, and we’ve got some excellent careers for you that will keep your mind racing all day long. If you’re looking for a career change, perhaps it could be to one of the careers below.


Nursing is one of the most full on careers that you could go into. You will rarely find that your mind has a moment to rest, especially if you’re on a busy ward. If you’re on a smaller more quiet ward, you’ll still have the thought on your mind of what you should be doing next, or what could go wrong next so you can prepare for it. If you like the sound of nursing, but would want a more intense role, you could look into neonatal nursing.

It would mean caring for the sickest and most vulnerable little babies, and the role definitely comes with pressure. But it could lead to so many things, from becoming a ward sister, to getting your dnp neonatal nurse practitioner and becoming a doctor of nursing. If you get to this level, you’re expected to be the best of the best, and your knowledge of the field would just be so vast that you’d be the most senior. So you see, the pressure doesn’t stop no matter how far up the ladder you try and go.


Retail is a whole different ball game to the one we opened with, but you have to admit this is one of the places where you would feel a great amount of pressure. Managers just put so much pressure on their employees to meet targets and perform, and you’ll often find it’s a fast based working environment. But don’t think that you would be behind the till all of your life, that would only be the starting block.

You could work your way up to be store manager, and then even regional manager, and your money would just go up and up. But you have to be hard working, determined, and thriving off the pressure around you. Just make sure that you can be strong minded enough to deal with some of the difficult customers that you will face.

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