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Employee Perks To Improve Happiness And Health

Employee perks can’t replace a good working culture and environment. You can’t use them to cover up employees being treated badly or to make up for a lack of health insurance. However, you can use employee perks to enhance what you offer your employees. They can be nice extras that give your employees something to smile about. It’s reassuring for them to know that they are treated as people and that their employer is thinking about how to make them happy and help them to stay healthy too.

If you want to offer some perks for your employees, consider these.

Counseling or Therapy

When your employees are struggling with personal problems, it’s not good for anyone. They will likely be distracted when at work or could have their mood affected by things happening in their personal life. And you could make things worse for them by trying to pretend that they don’t have personal problems or that it has nothing to do with you.

Offering free or subsidized therapy or counseling to employees can be a good way to deal with this. They get someone to talk to and a way to work through their problems, which can help them to cope better.

Money Advice

Money worries can be a big issue for people too. Of course, employers can help to alleviate them somewhat by offering a living wage. However, employees may still have concerns or questions about how to manage their money. Connecting them with a financial advisor can help them to get the advice that they need. They can benefit from professional advice on taxes, budgeting, investing, or anything else that they might be thinking about.

It’s good for their financial health and happiness, and good for their mental and even physical health too.

Bring Your Dog to Work

It might seem like something small, but allowing employees to bring their puppies to work can be a very attractive perk.

It’s something that an increasing number of offices are allowing, and it can be beneficial for dog owners and their dogs, as well as other employees.

The therapeutic power of pets is scientifically proven, and taking a break for a cuddle with a dog can raise the happiness of your employees.

It also saves your dog-owning employees money. Just make sure that all dogs that come into the office are well behaved and happy to be around other dogs.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks

Keeping your employees healthy is good for them and you.

One of the perks that employees like best is access to healthy snacks and drinks. Being able to pick up something healthy during their breaks makes it easier for them to enjoy a healthy diet.

Stocking your break room with healthy snacks shows you’re happy to help them be healthier. It could be cheaper and more useful than offering gym memberships to your employees.

Choose your employee perks carefully if you want them to be useful. Your employees want perks that they will use and that will make a difference.

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