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Why Your Business NEEDS A Marketing Function

Every single business has to have a marketing function as part of their business plan. It’s this strategy that will help you to learn your clients’ needs, help them to trust in your products, talk about what you can offer and more. Marketing gives you the answers to all of the questions that you might have in your business, and marketing creates and maintains the business demand, reputation and competition out there. 

Without a decent marketing function, your business could fail, marketing drives your sales, your conversation, your ability to stay relevant in your industry. With the help of companies like 6 Dimensions Marketing, you can ensure that you get the exposure that your brand needs. So, with this in mind, here are all the reasons your business NEEDS a marketing function.

  1. Your reputation will be managed more effectively. If there is one thing that your business needs most, it’s a good reputation. The growth of your company is linked to its reputation, and your reputation is going to determine your brand equity. Almost all marketing activities are designed in a way that improves your brand and marketers will use communication, PR, CSR and branding to do it.
  2. Customer engagement is key. When you engage with a marketing company, you’re going to improve your customer engagement. Without this function, you won’t be able to grow your reputation. All of the functions of marketing are 100% interlinked and you won’t have one without the other. Marketing will engage your customers and make you feel valued. 
  3. Building relationships. Customers have to be able to trust your business and understand what you do and marketing can help you to create this bond through segmentation and research. Loyal customers are far more likely to buy from you, and without that loyalty, your business won’t be as effective or as popular as it could be.
  4. Increasing sales. The best marketing functions out there will work to increase your sales rate and improve your visibility in the market. If you have happy customers, they will be the brand ambassadors that you need, spreading the word of what your business can offer and assisting you with your marketing efforts.
  5. Ensuring that you make better decisions. Every single business faces issues in production, but with the right marketing strategies in place, you won’t have to worry as much! You can rely on your marketing to make the right choices to connect your business and educate the public to buy more from you.
  6. Generating more money. The marketing that your business does will help to generate more money in the form of better revenue streams. You’ll be able to grow your business when you get your brand out there as people will want to invest in you if they believe in what you can offer. Without the right marketing strategy, you’ll be hard pressed to do this! 

Without marketing, your business won’t be anywhere near as successful as it could be. The key is in knowing which strategy will work for you.

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