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Essential Office Supplies To Keep In Stock

If your office is going to be functional, you need to keep essentials in stock all the time. If you’re out of something important, work can be delayed and cause you to lose out on profits. Your staff needs access to the items they need to do their jobs, so keep these office essentials around all the time. 


Many modern offices aim to go paperless, but for most businesses, this is not realistic. People like to write physical notes, so you need to keep a good stock of pens, notepads, and sticky notes in the supply cupboards. Items like push-pins and paperclips too.

If you regularly need to print out documents or mail things to clients, you need to make sure you always have a good supply of paper that fits the printer and a range of envelope options for different purposes. 

Cleaning Supplies

Even if you have a firm that comes in to clean the office, keeping some cleaning supplies around can still be very useful.

Offices can be hotbeds for germs, thanks to the high volume of people moving through them.

Items like keyboards, phones and door handles are touched by a lot of people, so they can harbor a lot of germs.

Germs mean people are going to get ill more often, which is a problem for business owners. If people are off sick, less work gets done and profits can drop.

Cleaning supplies like antibacterial wipes and sprays means staff can act to keep their own workspaces clean and germ-free. 

Packing Materials

Most offices need to ship things out occasionally, so it’s important to keep packing materials in supply.

Boxes, bubble wrap, packaging labels, and packing tape are very helpful to keep around. They can be used to pack up orders, send items to clients, or for moving things around the office safely. 

Presentation Materials

Keep in supply items to help staff deliver presentations. Dry-erase boards, markers, cables for connecting laptops to other screens, presentation boards and other essentials like this make presenting go much smoother.

Presentations that don’t start with scrambling to find a pen or the right cable to get the presentation on the projector will always look more professional and are more likely to impress whoever you are presenting to. Let your staff do their jobs to the best of their ability by giving them the right tools to impress.

If you’re keeping office supplies in stock, you also need somewhere to keep it all. Make sure you keep your storage organized, whether you’re storing things in stationery cupboards, drawers or filing cabinets.

Make sure you keep things tidy in your storage spaces so your staff can see what they’re looking for and find things quickly and easily. Tidy storage space is also much safer, as there’s a reduced risk of heavy boxes or other items falling and causing injuries and other problems. Make it clear what goes in what space by labeling shelf spaces and drawers. 

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