How Can You Improve Your Customer Service by

How Can You Improve Your Customer Service?

Customer service is everything in business. When business is so competitive, customers will expect the best, and it’s often customer service alone that will cause them to choose one company over another. If people have a poor experience of your business they won’t come back, so this is something to ensure you’re getting right.

Here’s how you can go about it. 

Hire the right staff

Customer facing jobs aren’t for everyone. Many people can struggle having to deal with rude and irate people on a day to day basis, which is fair enough when you think about it. But having staff who are going to be moody, resentful or unhelpful in response is definitely not what you want for your business.

Find the right staff for the roles, when you get experienced and friendly employees, nothing is too much trouble. They’re able to keep their cool regardless of the situation and stay professional which is what reflects best on your company.

Spend time in the recruitment stages when you’re looking for employees, if you can find those with a good track record of working customer facing jobs and staying professional then that’s always going to be ideal.

You want to know that regardless of what situation crops up that your staff will tackle it in the right way. 

Use good software

Good employees are the first step to excellent customer service, but the right software will help them to do their job properly. For example, a ticketing system ensures that no one is missed and that all customers are dealt with in the correct order.

Computer support programs make sure that everyone stays organised and that things are dealt with in the best possible way. There are so many great customer service softwares out there these days, do some research and find out what would work best for your business. If you have a bigger budget then getting bespoke software designed would be even better. 

Utilise social media

Lots of customers like connecting with brands and companies on social media.

Checking out your social pages can give potential customers the information they need as to whether your company is legitimate, they can see reviews and product photos by real customers and they can see how responsive you are.

If your page is full of complaints and long wait times until they’re responded to it can be off putting, so be responsive and utilise social media. If a customer messages you or writes on your wall, get back to them quickly and efficiently.

This shows other customers that you’re a trustworthy business, and if something happens to go wrong with their order then they’ll get a fast response too. 

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