Everything You Need To Know About Relocating Your Office

When you first start out your business and take on employees, chances are you’ll opt for a low cost office space. This makes sense when investment has to start out small. But as you grow and expand, you may find that you outgrow this original space in a number of ways. You may need more room for more staff.

  • You may want a more convenient or prominent location than you could afford before to establish yourself as a serious competitor in your field.
  • You might want a more impressive space to give clients a better representation of your brand. Whatever your reason, here are a few things you might want to consider when relocating!


First things first, you need to consider location. It’s only once you’ve chosen a location that you can start viewing available spaces in the area. Of course, most people will want to opt for a central location.

There are a number of benefits that come hand in hand with being in a central space. You’ll be somewhere with a higher passing footfall, which will put your company and brand in more people’s minds, raising awareness.

Another benefit that comes with being central is that you will be in a more convenient location for your employees. They will likely spend less time commuting, which improves morale. You can also employ the best quality staff, as many high flyers are based centrally.


Another factor you need to consider when you start viewing premises is size. Where possible, get something that’s bigger than you need.

Upgrading to a larger space to accommodate current staff and recruitment is all good and well. But what about when your company expands further?

You need to provide your employees with stability and you don’t want to move regularly.

Choosing a space that is significantly larger than you need offers easy opportunity for further growth. It’ll be more cost effective to have extra space and pay for an office fitout to accommodate new departments or workers than to keep moving time and time again.


This sounds like an odd area to consider, but lighting is extremely important for offices. Sure, we want well lit spaces in our home because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but you should have the same attitude to your office space too. You want your employees to like the space they’re working in. The more comfortable they feel, the more content they’ll feel – and the more productive they’ll be.

Natural light has been shown to be extremely important for productivity in regards to helping your workers maintain a good sleep-wake cycle too. Sterile, artificial lighting can cause your employees issues with sleep, whereas their circadian rhythms will stay in check if you have plenty of natural lighting. So, consider spaces with large windows and skylights where necessary.

These are just a few factors you should consider while searching for somewhere to relocate your office. They will greatly improve your employee’s working environment and help you to secure the perfect space!

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