Two Easy Recruitment Tips by #NewToHR

Two Easy Recruitment Tips

Recruitment is essential for any company to be successful. You need to be able to attract the best talent, create a positive candidate experience, and then get new talent on board with a strong onboarding process. If you’re going to find and retain the best people, you need to have the best recruitment process. Here are some top tips to improve yours easily. 

Use Modern Tools

There are now more tools than ever to help you improve how effective your candidate sourcing and hiring processes are, whether you are in legal recruitment or any other recruitment field.

Try a tool that allows you to look at candidates blindly. This means you can judge purely on candidate performances and not get stuck in the details of GPAs, resumes, pre-existing relationships, and unconscious biases. 

This can help in scenarios when a strong candidate might be passed over because of a factor that wouldn’t have affected their success in the role you were considering them for.

A blind interview can help to prevent candidates who seem strong on paper but are actually less suited to the job from being hired. 

You can also use tools to help draft better job descriptions which are more effective.

Job descriptions are often not the top priority when you’re planning a recruitment strategy, but it’s actually very important as its the first thing a candidate will see.

It’s easy to accidentally use language that is unappealing or offputting, and these tools can help you to avoid this.

Once you have the perfect job description crafted, then there are more tools that you can use to reach your perfect candidate with it. 

Find a tool that allows you to write a single job posting and then distribute it across lots of different job boards. This saves you a lot of time, and can allow you to manage social recruiting and screening all in just one platform.

Applicant tracking systems can also be very useful as they can streamline the hiring process and get positions filled much more quickly. 

Write Better Job Descriptions

If you aren’t writing strong job descriptions, then you aren’t going to attract the right talent. You need to accurately describe the job right from the start, and be honest about it so you can bring in the right candidates to interview. 

It can be tempting to embellish a job description if the job isn’t very glamorous or doesn’t have a great pay offer. If this is the case, don’t dress it up. If you bring in candidates this way, you’ve only wasted their time and yours when they realise the truth.

In the worst-case scenario, you will have hired someone who is talented but will quickly realise that the job doesn’t actually fit their strengths, interests, or financial expectations. This employee will be less engaged and will leave the company quickly, with a very negative opinion of you. 

Instead, write a job description that is honest, so you can attract the right candidates for the role, and hire someone more likely to stay with the company. 

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