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What Stops People From Advancing In Their Careers?

We’d all like to reach our goals, but alas, that’s not always in our hands. Our dreams are usually closely linked to our career success, be it a professional ambition or a dream that involves money — the higher up the ladder you go, the more money you earn, after all. Alas, some people never quite make it to the top, and indeed some people stay more or less where they started.

So what are the reasons that prevent people from advancing? We take a look at a few of the more common reasons below.

Lack of Adaptability

There’s no straight line to the top of an industry. Usually, you have to zig-zag your way there, taking chances along the way. As such, a person that is too set in their ways can find it challenging to advance, purely because they’re not willing to take chances to do so. If you’re going to step up, then a degree of adaptability is important.

You’ll have to be willing to move companies, try new things, and perhaps even move to a different city for a while.

Another reason adaptability is key to career success is that most industries don’t stay still for too long — and if a person is unable or unwilling to adapt to the new requirements that business demands, then they’ll be left behind.

Further Education

You’d hope that if you could just do your job well, then you’d be noticed, and you’d end up towards the top. Alas, while the ability to achieve results is important, it’s not everything.

When you’re looking to move up the career ladder, you need something that’ll back up your credibility and ability — and the easiest way to do that is to have educational certificates to show that you’re educated.

While your lack of scientific education may not have mattered for your first job, it might be required (as part of an all-around high level of education) for the job you’re applying for.

As such, you’ll need to know the answer to why must chemical equations be balanced and other difficult questions.

It really is worthwhile going back and obtaining any important qualifications you missed first-time around since it might be the key that unlocks the next door.

No Direction 

Another issue that people face is that they simply don’t know what they need to do in order to advance. While some people end up with helpful bosses that can encourage them, others are left without a sense of direction. They might want to step up, but don’t know how.

One way to get around this issue is to look at getting a mentor. They can help you to make the important decisions that’ll impact your career.

In the Wrong Career 

Finally, if you have no desire to progress, then perhaps you’re in the wrong career, and it could be worthwhile looking to make a switch. You should look forward to going to work, and want to achieve as much as possible when you’re there. 

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