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Facts You Should Be Aware Of Before You Step Into The Remote Work Landscape #NewToHR

Facts You Should Be Aware Of Before You Step Into The Remote Work Landscape

Times are changing and so is the world we live and work in.

Remote culture is becoming mainstream, more and more entrepreneurs are inclining towards working with remote teams.

RemotePanda, a marketplace for remote resources recently interviewed 500+ such flourishing entrepreneurs, grasping their perspective and thoughts on remote teams.

Over the course of 3 months, RemotePanda traveled 16 cities in the U.S. and met with 250+ CXOs.

“The remote revolution is natural with the relationship between human and machine – and is something to be embraced, just not to be completely enveloped by.”

– Nicole, newtohr.com

Following this, an online survey was also conducted where inputs from 300+ more CXOs were recorded. Not wanting to end up with one-sided perspective, data from individual freelancers and digital nomads were also collected.

The inputs received from all the sources were collated, compiled and carefully analyzed.

The facts and figures that came out were really intriguing and compelling.

This report is the comprehensive coverage of remote work trends and best practices providing a wholesome idea of current scenario of remote work industry.

To download the report visit – https://remotepanda.engag3d.com/remote-work-survey-report-2018

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