What Your CoWorkers Desks Say About them

What Your Coworkers Desks Say About Them

Emotional intelligence is essential to your success at work. This means reading body language, nonverbal cues, and tone of voice in every interaction.

Not only will this help you perform better, but you’ll also get to know your coworkers more as you pick up on the subtle ways they are communicating. And if you want to get to know some of your coworkers, but often desk-lunch, or simply don’t want the office chatterbox to launch into another story about her cats, there’s another way to learn about your coworkers, just by looking at their desks.

Given the amount of time each person spends at their desks, it’s no wonder that they provide a rich source of insight about your colleagues. Check out their knick-knacks to get an insight into their needs and their pictures to see the people they’re passionate about.

Knowing what your coworkers desks say about them can help you find someone to be on your team for every situation. if you notice a messy desk, try inviting that person to a brainstorm to let their creativity loose, and ask for travel advice from the person with pictures of his family on a beach.

No matter if you’ve been at your company for years, or if you’re still learning names, glancing at desks (without creeping!) can help you build positive relationships and work more productively.

To help you decode these desks, Fundera created this infographic that covers common desk setups and what they say about you and your coworkers.

Check it out below:

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