First Impressions Count In Business - So Here's What To Do by

First Impressions Count In Business – So Here’s What To Do

You probably know that first impressions count, but do you know that they count not only on a personal level, but on a corporate level? Making that all important first impression as a business is key, and here, we’re going to talk you through how to do it. 

  1. Make Sure Each Staff Member is On The Same Page

Start by making sure each staff member or business owner is on the same page. Agree on the image you want your business to have and how you are all going to work towards that common goal. Make sure that each staff member knows how to treat customers or clients, too – you may need to provide training! 

  1. Focus On First Impressions When Onboarding Team Members 

How you feel about the company you work for can be largely impacted by the people you meet and the experiences you have. This means that making a great first impression when onboarding new team members is essential. Make it engaging and work to establish a shared culture. In fact, this process can start even during the interviews – you want everybody to have a positive image of your business in their minds, even if they don’t end up getting the job. 

  1. Improve Personal Presentation

Your personal presentation does matter, as does the presentation of other people at your company. This is not only the clothes you wear, but your body language and how you present yourself. Eye contact is important, and you should be a great listener. If you want to land clients and customers, you should listen more than you speak so that you can respond to what they are really saying and hone in to their unique needs. 

  1. Make Sure Your Business Premises Look The Part 

Your business premises need to look the part, too. If clients visit your business, this is especially important – but it’s also important for the people who work with you. Make sure everything is clean and tidy, from the outside to the inside. You may need to hire or buy one of the Bradley Mowers available to keep any grass or greenery you have looking sharp. If you are situated somewhere where many people pass through, make sure anything they can see is always well stocked and tidy. If they can see people who work for you, make sure these people are working and not using their phones! 

  1. Know Who You’re Targeting 

Knowing who you’re targeting is an effective way to make a great impression. When you know who you’re targeting you can tailor your image, brand voice, and other things to ensure you resonate with these people the most. It can take a little work, but it’ll be so worth it when you know you’re fast becoming one of your target market’s favorite businesses. 

First impressions really do matter in business, so how are you going to make an amazing first impression on both your customers and any new team members? Leave a comment!

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