The Key Of Reaching Out To A New Market VISIBILITY by

The Key Of Reaching Out To A New Market: VISIBILITY

Reaching out to new markets is the best way for a business to grow. A new market means a new audience group, which in turn brings new competition. For instance, a small US-based service company could be a big player in the local market. They have secured financing options to build their presence in the EU market. However, the marketing campaign that appealed to their local audience doesn’t drive any EU attention. What went wrong?

Many non-EU based companies tend to struggle to pierce through the complex and diverse European market. Contrary to common belief, language isn’t an obstacle. Depending on the type of service or products the business offers, the market may not require any translation. IT tools and solutions, for instance, tend to be primarily operated in English. Rather than investing in promotional advertising, it’s time to focus your attention on making your brand visible outside its local market. Here are some ideas to boost visibility. 

Bring your offer safely to your audience

Even with an online business, it can be helpful to create a localized presence. For instance, an online retail business could set up a market-focused warehouse and customer call center. Ensuring you can help your customers in real-time keeps transactions swift and frictionless.

Additionally, a local customer center can establish your brand visibility. Why not send branded products and equipment to your new market using a secure portable storage box solution. The team on-site can receive the box and unlock all the goodies. 

A service company can also consider opening a branch abroad. It’s the perfect opportunity to add geographic tags and data to enhance your visibility, such as a local phone number and subdomain. 

Be accessible online

Digital marketing offers a vast range of options to optimize business visibility at a global level. From social media to apps, it is easy for a business to be seen online. Yet, making your online presence visibly relevant to your new target audience is another kettle of fish. Apps can use translation to make their content more accessible, for instance. However, compatibility is a more significant obstacle.

A US or UK-built app, for instance, is more likely to target modern smartphones. Yet, your future market could use older models whose operating system isn’t compatible with the interface.

Broadband width and connectivity are also issues to consider, both for the app and social media. Huge media resources may not be visible, depending on the users’ internet connection. 

Connect with local influencers

When you’re a new voice on the market, there’s no reason for people to stop and listen to what you’ve got to say.

If, however, you’ve got someone local to talk about your brand, you’re more likely to receive some local attention.

Local influencers can be a game-changer when you reach out to a new market. They are crucial in establishing your cultural understanding of a new area and your connection with the audience.

Ultimately, a local influencer is a known and trusted face that resonates with the audience group. You can leverage their visibility for your business. 

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The philosophical debate about observation and perception is more accurate than ever to describe the importance of local visibility for businesses. You can only be successful in a new market if people see your brand. When nobody notices your business, does it exist in a new market? 

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