Five Guys Daphne Discusses The Benefits Of Hiring Students From Their Community by

Five Guys Daphne Discusses The Benefits Of Hiring Students From Their Community

Hiring local students is one of the ways in which Five Guys finds its best employees. Local students are dedicated to their schoolwork and their careers, and they need stable employment if they intend to succeed and pay their own way through school. High school and college students alike are great resources for restaurant employment.

Five Guys Daphne explains why hiring local students can benefit any business, and how Five Guys’ hiring practices are influenced by local needs.

The Advantage of Hiring Students

According to Eric Johnson, the Director of Graduate Career Services at Indiana University School of Business, students are “eager to contribute and have an amazing ability to learn quickly and be creative. And because they’re resourceful and well-connected, they often have great ideas to share, too.”

Employers who hire students are advised to adopt a coaching mindset. This contrasts with the traditional management mindset.

The benefit of an idea equals the quality of the idea times the commitment to the idea. Students have an excellent quality of commitment to their ideas, since they have to have good thinking skills and analytical qualities to succeed in school.

A student can be a valued member of any organization because they are always creative and looking for solutions. This is a contrast to workers who may only be there because they are looking for money. Students apply creative thought to their jobs, no matter whether they are working in entry-level positions or further up the company ladder.

Benefits of Student Workers

Student workers are enthusiastic. They understand the competitive labor market. They are willing to put in extra hours and more effort when given the opportunity. They have a need to prove themselves, adding value and going above and beyond their job description to get results.

Student workers have great technology skills. Millennials and Gen Z students may have a bad reputation for too much social media use, but their work can carry major benefits for their employer. Many students have the ability to take care of technical and social media-related jobs without any additional training.

Students can take more risks than others. They may be more likely to try new things, since they are not held back by the same requirements as an employee with a mortgage, a family, or a specific skill set.

Since they are new to the job, they are easier to train than older employees. Employees who have been set in their ways for a number of years are more difficult to manage because they do not respond well to new approaches. Students gravitate toward companies like Five Guys with robust internal education programs and great opportunities for advancement.

Students have a particular spirit which can carry over to other members of the staff. Their energy and enthusiasm are infectious. They can also encourage other employees to work more efficiently, both in a competitive sense and a collaborative sense. Having students in the workplace is a benefit for everyone.

Educational Opportunities at Five Guys

Five Guys offers career education to its employees through Five Guys University. This private training program covers everyone from entry-level workers to franchisees and managers at high levels of the company. The training program covers such diverse topics as the day-to-day business of running a restaurant, staffing, food service, and human resources. When employees have the opportunity to become educated in their jobs, they will put more into their work and give back to the company in new and exciting ways.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Five Guys has a unique workplace structure where all employees are eligible for bonuses and promotions. Managers constantly examine the skills of their employees, determining which workers deserve promotions and bonuses. At Five Guys, it is possible to start work as a fry cook and to achieve the dream of becoming General Manager.

Employees’ opportunities are limited only by their ambitions. Students are often interested in maximizing their careers, and they may be competitive against other members of the workforce.

Benefits of Working at Five Guys

Five Guys offers twice monthly regular bonuses as well as bonuses for the Secret Shopper and Health Inspection programs. This means that students and other employees are always looking for ways to improve their work so that they will be eligible for these bonuses. Five Guys believes that employee achievement should be rewarded regularly.

Five Guys also offers medical insurance and 401(K) programs to its full-time employees.

Student Employees Make Sense

Students provide a higher degree of energy than other employees. Their fresh ideas and good work ethic can lead them to success in any career. When a student has worked part-time at a restaurant like Five Guys, they may be looking for temporary work or they may transition into full-time employees depending on the growth opportunities they are given. Five Guys Daphne encourages all students to apply for jobs at the restaurant.

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