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Five Reasons Why First Impressions Count For A Business In 2022

As a business in this digital era, it can be challenging to acquire customers or clients. There’s competition from older and more established companies, as well as all those who are starting up themselves.

So what makes a good first impression and why is it so important for a business in today’s world? Let’s look at answering those questions below.

What makes a good first impression?

How does a business thrive? Well, for the most part, it’s all about a great first impression. According to experts, 55% of first impressions are made by what people see. Not only is it visual, but it’s vocal and verbal too. If that first impression isn’t a good one, it’s rare that businesses get the opportunity of a second chance.

A good first impression by some individuals could be something as simple as being greeted when entering a store. It could be paying for a service and then getting a freebie thrown in for good measure. In general, it’s receiving a quality customer experience from a business.

This in itself is not too much to ask of a business, but it’s surprising how many businesses will compromise on quality in order to widen their margins. As a result, it can hinder an impression that the customer forms of the business.

There are high expectations from society nowadays

When it comes to consumers, they have high expectations. With influences from other businesses and ways of living, many individuals have become sensitive to what they perceive as being top-class services.

From physical products to digital services, putting out anything that’s less than the standard, is unlikely to get a look in. That’s why first impressions are essential to building brand awareness in a positive way.

The use of visual cues

As mentioned, a lot of first impressions are based on visual cues so having a swanky-looking office is going to help meet the client or customer’s expectations. This could be having a flawless reception team that greets everyone who comes into the building. It could be redecorating a space that feels outdated in order to look the part.

For example, some businesses invest in high-quality finishes like concrete polishing on the floors. As part of the five reasons to have concrete polishing in your business, polishing gives a very luxurious, professional finish. This can result in a more professional feel to the space, which is necessary to achieve for creating a good first impression.

Five reasons why first impressions count and how they help

Should a business really care so much about the opinion of its customers, competition, and the general public? Of course! Whilst it’s said any type of publicity is good publicity, the reality is not always the case.

Here are five reasons why first impressions count and how they can help a business in 2022.

  1. Shows professionalism.

The way you present yourself as a business can show professionalism. Professionalism is something a lot of people look for when buying from or working with a business. Why? Well, professionalism creates trust and loyalty. 

This presence can be created in numerous ways from building a website that has a show-stopping web design to the look of an office or business premises. 

  1. It has a lasting impact on your business branding.

When it comes to a business, it’s more than just the day-to-day running. It’s about hiring the right staff, and connecting with the right collaborators through networking. More importantly, it’s about branding and how a brand is presented to the world.

With a good first impression, you’re setting a precedent that people will likely remember in a positive way. With a negative first impression, your business is remembered for the bad. If a business is putting all that negativity out into the world, then that damages the brand. It’s going to eventually be thought of as something no one wants to go near.

  1. Helps with boosting word of mouth.

Any business would be singing from the rooftops if they were benefiting from word of mouth as part of their advertising. It’s something that any business can achieve and it’s majorly influenced by creating good impressions. 

When someone has a good experience with a business, they’re more likely to talk to others close to them about their experiences. It’s something many will naturally do and it’s through recommendation that businesses can effectively earn free advertising for their business.

  1. It shows compassion.

For many customers, trust and a sense of belonging are important. In many cases, when a customer feels a part of the brand, they’re more likely to purchase more as a result. 

A survey done by WP forms found that 73% of people prefer brands that personalize the shopping experience. If a business can spend more time on providing a user experience that’s tailored to its customer, it’s more likely to find success.

Not just that but showing compassion during tough times and being appreciative of customer feedback is important. If someone has reached out to a business complaining about a service or product, the best thing for a business to do is to go above and beyond. 

If it’s seen to be doing everything it can to better the individual’s experience of the brand, then it only means good things for customer retention.

  1. Builds a good reputation.

Last but not least, reputation. Reputation is built on creating ever-lasting, great first impressions. When a company focuses on building great foundations through its services to customers and clients, it’s only a matter of time before it finds success.

With first impressions being highly effective for many businesses, implement these tips for business growth in 2022 and beyond.

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