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Five Ways To Make Your Recruitment Agency More Efficient

Running a recruitment agency can be challenging especially when you have to deal with all the paperwork. Any agency’s back office and recruitment process must be streamlined and be set up in such a way so the agency can focus more on the recruitment process and getting results.

  • Back office is a crucial part of any business as it lies at the heart of how a business is organised. How it works can directly affect the more visible aspects thus why it’s so important to get it right configured correctly. It’s mainly to do with problem solving, finding as many issues as possible and solving them with a right plan of action to prevent workflow bottlenecks, double-work, and communication.
  • Back-office efficiency guarantees that your employees will be much more focused on output and getting the results rather than solving internal issues. With new systems being introduced every day, the business world is innovating and bringing things online. It is all about what system you’re using and how streamlined the process is for maximum productivity.

So here are five ways that will help your recruitment agency become more efficient:

Invest in software

One of the first steps you should take to improve your agency is to invest in a good recruitment agency software. Recruitment software will save you time and money. Best way to do it is to look at customer reviews and see which software fits your needs and solves most of your problems.

It will also help you manage all the inflow in the back-office. ETZ Payments offers robust back-office features to help you manage your time and costs. Features include back-office automation, integration and even an online payment system to make payments easy.

Streamline data and processes

Streamlining your back-office with the help of online software will help improve your logistics.

Gaining insight into your business and back-office process will help you identify issues that are currently occurring, such as payments not being made on time. Streamlining all data and back-office processes means delivering a top-notch service. You can boost your business and compete more effectively with the business market. Candidates and clients both will be more satisfied with a streamlined process.

Lessen the Paperwork

Although this might seem unlikely, many companies surprisingly still haven’t implemented an electronic document system, which inherently affects their work. Implementing an automated document system will allow you to integrate your system with recruitment CRM and keep track of documents sent and an audit trail.

It becomes beneficial for your candidate’s experience because then they don’t need to scan, fax or email timesheets to just get paid. The trail of the process from offer to reference, and to placements will be easy to access and readily available. Using a CRM will save time and your recruiters will be thankful for not having to compile multiple data entries, and you will decrease the possibility of errors.

Use all Data

Most agencies are unaware of how the data stored on their recruitment CRM can help grow their business. They don’t analyse the data when it can be used for a clearer insight into your business model, and that information can help you improve your logistics.

Invest in a good piece of software with an integrated business analytical tool that will automatically streamline all the data and provides you with a better insight into:

  • candidate experience
  • historical margin trends
  • recruitment ratios
  • candidate experience

Automate VMS process

One of the main objectives of highly efficient recruitment agencies is to increase placement ratios and decrease the time taken to fill up the roles.

An automated VMS process can definitely be useful, increasing the filling rates and processing more interviews and candidate submissions. Companies lose their edge over others when their recruitment process is done manually. Updating your software will take your business to great heights and help compete in the market. 

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