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Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd: But Does That Mean Expensive Relocation Is Your Only Option?

When you started your business, the chances are that you dreamt of growth. You probably did whatever you could to expand your efforts, and fantasized about being able to bring a team onboard. And, then, the best happened. Your business grew to such an extent that you were able to hire your first employees and get a business space. 

But, the growth didn’t end there. Your business kept receiving more attention, and you continued employing staff to stay on top. You were, of course, over the moon to grow your company family. Sadly, though, as often happens with real family homes, your current business space soon began to feel crowded.

Now, you’re facing extortionate costs in relocation to a larger unit. As well as the expense of buying somewhere bigger, you have to account for things like downtime.

It’s any business owner’s worst nightmare, and you’ll be pleased to hear that it might not be necessary.

Many of us make small homes fit for even large families, and the same could be said for your business space if you put the following plans into action.

Let staff work from home

Working remotely can work wonders for employee wellbeing. This way, employees can manage their time and you can save money. Remote work also brings obvious benefits in a space-saving capacity.

Namely, options like these ensure you need to accommodate fewer people each day, and can thus get away with a lot less room. If you rotate a remote working arrangement, you should even find that you have double the space with just as many employees.

Utilize the land you have

When we want to expand an existing homes, many of us consider extensions or summer houses. The same thought processes could be worthwhile in business.

When you brought your office, after all, there’s a chance that you also purchased the land around it. If things are getting tight, this could be the answer.

Options like office extensions and standalone prefab steel buildings placed on land like this are the ideal compromise. As well as being cheaper upfront than a new office, these options remove 100% of relocation downtime. All while allowing you the room you need to carry on working at your best.

Reconsider current office layout

Even if you don’t fancy undergoing a building project, making space could be as simple as reconsidering your current office layout. Individual office units, for instance, can be a huge space waster. By knocking through walls and opting for communal work areas instead, you can add a great deal of space with very little effort.

Admittedly, options like these do mean you may face space issues again shortly. While you wait for your profits to rise, though, this could be a fantastic middle-ground for the time being.

Before jumping to the most expensive expansion option, then, consider if any of these would suit your needs. As simple as that, you can save yourself a fortune and guarantee a better work environment all around. 

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