Fixing Your Fundamental Business Footwork by

Fixing Your Fundamental Business Footwork

When engaging in a sport of any kind, the first thing you need to nail is your footwork. No skiing professional can improve without control over their stance, no boxer can hope to dodge strikes if their footwork is lacking, and no soccer player can finesse the ball without control over their feet. This principle can translate to the creation of a business and the starting of an enterprise.

Without a strong, stable base, adaptable yet firm, strong yet smart, a firm will spiral into bad decision after bad decision due to the base being fundamentally floored.

The foundations of any business, especially a startup or humble operation with limited funding, must be rock solid and enthusiastic for success to become a possibility.

Thankfully, it’s more than possible to achieve this result. You just have to believe it, and also have some faith over that which you’re doing.

In this post, we hope to curate a few important steps that can advise you in the right direction, as when you perfect the first brick in the wall, the rest can come naturally.

Please, consider:

Setting Up Your Firm

The introductory moments of setting up a firm are just as important as everything that comes after it. Identifying your name, solving your copyright, using DIY LLC filing templates to get your paperwork in order, registering a business premises and opening up your online platform are not jobs you can complete in one day, but are essential for the beginning health of your firm. When you apply yourself in this direction, you’ll be taking that first and most confident step.

Staffing Your Ranks & Responsibilities

Staffing your ranks is an important part of fixing your fundamental business footwork, but it’s unlikely that you can hire a large or impressive team at this moment in time.

This is why it’s important to ensure that you divvy up the roles and responsibilities that will take place within the staff that you do have.

  • Will you partake in the payroll process, marketing and social media management, while also establishing the business direction and vision?
  • Might you be able to do without HR in your three-person team for the moment?

It’s questions like this that allow you to find the best forward route for you and those on your team.

Short Term Goals

  • What short term goals do you have?

We can often have such large and lofty ambitions for our firms when starting out, and that’s fine, but it’s also important to structure yourself with a careful approach.

  • Will you dedicate yourself to championing a cause, such as ensuring your office a support place for all employees?
  • How might you manage that for those taking a chance on applying for your firm?

Might it be that you wish to ally yourself with a local supplier and build a solid B2B connection?

How might you go about approaching it? When we consider our short term goals, we can move forward to a more promising result.

With this advice, you’re sure to fix your fundamental business footwork.

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