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Get Control of Your Business With Real-Time Attendance Software

Knowing where your workers are and what they are doing is a fundamental part of running a thriving business. It is the bottom line. However, it is not always as easy as one would hope for it to be.

Managers have to contend with a host of attendance issues such as tracking worker movement, break management and buddy punching (the practice of friends clocking each other in). Fortunately, these problems and more can be handled with real-time attendance software. Here is what you should know:

Clocking In and Out

Labor cost and productivity may suffer when you rely on old-fashioned time clocks. About 16% of employees interviewed admitted they clocked in coworkers who were not on the job. The estimated cost to American employers is over 373 million dollars annually.

One real-time answer is biometric clocking. Biometrics is the digitized scanning of physical attributes such as voice wavelength or retina patterns in the eye. These characteristics are unique to each person. Using biometrics to identify a worker makes buddy punching impossible.

The most common and easy to use biometric readers scan fingerprint. You have probably seen these at the DMV. When combined with attendance programs, workers just scan a thumb or index finger to be clocked in.

Worker Containment and Productivity

Just because a worker clocks in doesn’t mean that he or she will stay on-site the whole time. In some professions, making sure employees are where they belong at all times is almost impossible.

For example, tracking catering staff in large venues can be especially challenging. The work is fast-paced and employees blend in with the crowd. Also, the owner may have to hire additional staff that he or she didn’t know that well.

One real-time answer is geofencing. Geofencing is often connected to mobile clocking software, which allows employees to clock in using their phones. This combination works exceedingly well when the job sites change daily or have open boundaries.

Using a mobile device, employees clock in when they arrive at a work location. This activates a GSP application, which allows managers to locate their employees and gauge their movements. These features also usually include a dedicated chat and phone line so employees can directly and easily manage individuals or groups.

Scheduling and Time Off

Scheduling and time off procedures have a big impact on attendance management. Some employees will deliberately create problems if they know you keep poor records. “You said I could have off Friday three weeks ago.” However, more common is the worker who just got the wrong information.

Real-time scheduling applications give employees a number of features that can be utilized through mobile devices.

Shift offers and requests as well as finalized schedules can all be posted through a portal system. That way, the information is never lost and there is no confusion. This same system can also be utilized as a platform for sick or leave time by way of a self-documenting procedure that includes request time and reason.

Real-time attendance software makes keeping track of employees easier than ever. Invest in the right program today.

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