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Global People Operations – Building A Team Your Employees Can Trust

When it comes to Remote Organisations, there are a lot of moving pieces that must come together in order to form a successful business. It boils down to more than just pushing employees to perform their tasks and turn it into cash flow. As a business owner, you must have teams of people in place, connected so that each knows not only just their expectations, but the needs and goings-on of other teams, as well.

One of those teams that often gets overlooked is the People Operations team.

Businesses often think that they’re unnecessary and pushing employees to “be mature” and work solely with their managers on issues, performance reviews, and other matters is a solution to filling that void and saving money in the process. Those businesses are sorely mistaken. Not having a People Operations team can be costly, and leaves a gaping hole that requires management to fill in the gaps with little training or knowledge, and is added responsibility they may not wish to shoulder.

However, you cannot just hire a few individuals, slap a title on a placard and call it a day.

This absolutely has to be a team that your employees can trust. In order to set up a positive remote work environment, hiring a People Operations team with a Global reach is a must do for you to thrive in today’s climate.

A Global People Operations team can take care of a lot of issues that management cannot.

The twist here is that a team like this can actually help management improve, and coach them through behaviours, responses, and reactions to things going on in their own teams.

Many employees see a People Operations team as a kind of “check and balance” to regulate management and company rules to protect them. This can be especially important when the work is Remote, as it’s easy for employees to feel siloed and isolated, without someone in their corner should something happen.

Whereas in a normal office environment, a face to face meeting can be scheduled to discuss issues urgently, and possibly in the heat of the moment, that same availability may not be an option when remote, particularly with a global spread and different time zones. However, knowing the team is there and ready to assist, is still very important.

Employees want to feel that there is a softer, more kind force that they can turn to with assistance for career growth, guidance for mentors, and someone who can help drive a company culture in which they are proud to be associated.

In this day and age, waking up, going to work, and going home don’t quite cut it anymore. People want to feel engaged, valued, and that they enjoy the tasks for which they spend focusing most of their time. With remote work, it’s easy for workers to feel invisible, which can lead to other mental health issues and poor performance.

Having a team to help motivate workers, keeping them engaged, and pushing for positive health practices is crucial for the success and longevity of these employees. They can offer online group and team events, bonuses that cater to the remote work life, and a flexible work structure that fits remote life much better than traditional options. Keeping and maintaining current relationships you have with your employees will save money and time from rehiring after they burnout or quit. Doing what you can now will save cost, in general.

A Global People Operations team can also drive a culture that attracts new workers, as well.

They can utilize their skills to bring in talent that may have otherwise not taken a second glance at your company, without the “wooing” of a professional who knows how to appeal to a broad audience. Workers in different cultures may be attracted to different things, and it’s great to know you have someone who can cater to that.

The benefits that may appeal to you the most, may not matter as much to someone in a different demographic. After all, hiring and retaining great talent is what will help you maintain a competitive edge in your market. A diverse employee base can share a multitude of perspectives for problem solving that often a monotone environment cannot offer.

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial that this People Operations team be trustworthy. Your workers need to know that they can turn to this team for all of their issues, big or small. If they feel like a conflict has gotten out of hand with their manager, or they want to speak to someone about growth options for their future in your company, or even seek financial resources for investing and working with company stock, that team is their “one stop shop”.

Knowing their issues can be handled professionally and with discretion is a key factor in making your employees feel safe and protected. You can guarantee that if they don’t feel that trust is there, they can shirk away from important conversations or even leave your company. You’ve worked hard to obtain these talented people, and trust will help you keep them there.

Overall, a Global People Operations Team for a Remote Work Organisation should be a non-negotiable. And, if you don’t have a team established, don’t wait until a major issue, such as a legal case, or a collapsing hierarchy is on your doorstep – do it as soon as possible.

Now that you know why you need one, check out Part 2 of our series to see how to establish trust with your People Operations Team.

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