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Graphus – A New Weapon Against Phishing

The threat of a cyber attack in the workplace is one that strikes fear in the heart of every business, large or small. Criminals are now using more and more sophisticated methods of delivering malware and ransomware to businesses around the world, which in turn means that your defense systems have to be able to cope with increased daily threats to your technology network. 

One of the most common ways that these threats present themselves is by something called Phishing, which occurs when emails are sent to your employees containing this ransomware and file-less malware

To the innocent eye, emails appear to come from trusted colleagues and co-workers, or possibly a known business associate, but when opened, the email automatically activates malware, or grants unauthorized access to cyber criminals. has created a powerful phishing defense system; fully automated, it is an extra layer of defense for your business with minimum effort required from your workforce to make it effective. 

Some little known figures tell us that 91% of cyber attacks are generated through a phishing email, and 60% of employees are likely to fall for such an email and are unaware of the potential damage which could be caused if they open it, so this new security system is an essential addition to protect against today’s emerging cyber threats. 

You may think that installation of something as powerful as Graphus involves lengthy downloads and configuration, but you’d be wrong, you can get protected in minutes with quick, easy and efficient activation. 

Cyber attacks can cause untold damage, so taking time to make improvements to your systems is time well spent. It is quickly deployable to platforms such as Office 365 and G Suite, with no in-depth configurations, long installation times, or huge downloads. It’s quick, efficient and effective. 

Unlike some other defense systems, Graphus does not need manually activating by each of your employees. Your administrator can do a one time installation, for your domain, and each account user on that domain is automatically covered.  Your nominated security or IT specialist is the only person who needs access to the Graphus Customer Portal, thus reducing potential internal security issues. 

To give you complete peace of mind, Graphus protects you against most of the most malicious malware circulating today and you can personalise the way it delivers any threat alerts to your team, by selecting either a daily digest or real time updates. 

Managing a busy workplace means that you want your technology and defenses to be as user friendly as possible, and Graphus has created a dashboard which ensures that your security specialist can fine tune your systems and monitor messages that may appear to be suspicious These can be manually flagged and marked as unsafe, and if necessary can then be deleted swiftly from every users inbox with just one click.  

This is a ground breaking powerful new automated technology from Graphus, be sure that you implement it as soon as possible to protect your business from potentially damaging cybercrime. 

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