Things To Consider When Growing Your Business by

Things To Consider When Growing Your Business

If you have been a small operation for some time, and you are seeing a regular profit, then at a certain point, you consider growth. What that growth will look like is really down to your industry. But there are some things you will need to think about before you take the leap. And, it is always better to plan for growth, than be forced into it by circumstances (although all growth is usually a great thing). 


Market research was the foundation for your starting your business, and it will be the building blocks of your growth too. If you are going overseas or into a new sector, you have to be sure that there is a need for your products.

Go in-depth when it comes to your competition, the customer segment you are likely to get, and what people are going to want/need your product for. 

Head into the research phase with an open mind, ready to adapt your plans. 


When there is growth, there comes the inevitable hiring of staff. There will be a few changes that will happen internally. You can hire many new people to handle specific tasks, or you can hire a single company to tackle things. Like your IT needs, for example.

A company like If you are going to be distributing your product, you are going to have to partner up with a logistics company or heading into a new country – language will be a consideration.

During your planning phase, consider who you will need and why. 


Getting the pricing right in the early days will set you up well. It is important to take into consideration your market position and competition. It would be best if you offered value at the right price.

Too low and you won’t see the big profit you are looking for, too high, and you will price yourself out of the market.

Just remember that pricing in every country, and sometimes even regionally will differ. 


How you will be able to do business will be carefully controlled. There will be precedent, regulations, and legalities.

You will need to adhere strictly to all of the guidelines and the firm rules too. It is a wise idea to seek out an attorney who has experience in your industry and with local compliance. 


It is possible that for some sectors you will need to redesign your best selling products completely. Different countries have different cultural requirements, as well as having a different taste to that of your native country. It is likely that you will need to bring in local experts to work with your development team.

Together, combined with your research, you can develop a product that will speak to your intended audience, at the right price point, meet all of the legal criteria, and sell well. 

Growth is an exciting period, but not without its challenges. So, plan and prepare well, and you’ll crack your intended market in no time. 

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