Helping Others Through Your Business by

Helping Others Through Your Business

2020 has been a difficult year and brought a lot of heartache to a lot of people. But it has also brought out the best in many people and businesses who have been so willing to help others during this troubling time. 

Being charitable is something that businesses can do year-round, helping others to create a business model that is responsible and more than just about making money.

Want your company to be more charitable? Here are some of the ways you can help others through your business.

Introduce a volunteering scheme

More and more businesses are introducing volunteering schemes as a way to give back to others. Not only is it a way for your company to help out with charitable projects, but it can also help build morale and bring teams closer together.

By allowing volunteering to place on company time, you’re helping to develop skills amongst your workforce, while also showing that what you do isn’t always about making profits. It’s an attractive scheme for potential employees, especially for recent graduates.

Work with your customers and clients to be charitable

When you have developed strong brand loyalty amongst your customers and clients, you have more influence than you might realize. By launching charitable initiatives, you can help work with your customers to raise money for different causes. Something as simple as an optional donation at checkout can make a big difference to a charity, especially if you’re willing to match donations too. 

Set up regular donations

Making regular donations to charities is one way to help others where your finances allow. You can choose a single charity or multiple charities, and even work with your employees to choose which charities to support. As well as the support your donations will bring to others, you can use monetary and crypto gift taxes to reduce your tax bill. Many businesses also allow their employees to make regular donations through their salary, something that can be appealing to many prospective recruits.

Help out in the local community

Communities need to help each other more than ever. As a business within your community, you can help make a difference in several ways. By providing mentoring schemes or donating time and money to local causes, your business can use its influence to help on a more local level. If you can offer your services at a reduced rate or for free to those in need, you’ll be doing something even more wonderful to support people within your community.

Becoming a more charitable business is one way you can make your business a better place to be. Whether you choose to help financially or through donating your time, there are different ways your business can make a difference. It’s something that’s important to your customers and to your employees, and can help cement your reputation as a forward-thinking, ethical business. Step up your charitable efforts to help others through your business.  

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