Why You Should Think About Your Warehouse by

Why You Should Think About Your Warehouse

When it comes to thinking about your business, the warehouse usually is not on the top of your list. However, we think it should be as it is an integral part of keeping your business running. Having a good management system in place will keep business flowing efficiently and safely. We have some top tips on how to do this. 

Dedicating time to clean

When running a warehouse, it is always vital to keep in clean and tidy, keeping on top of this will help avoid accidents. You will find that the warehouse can get cluttered very quickly during the working day, materials such as cardboard boxes, pallets, shrink wrap, and labels etc. can build up quickly on a busy day when there is not a system in place. Make sure your warehouse is equipped with the relevant waste and recycling bins that are easily accessible for staff.

Hiring a dedicated cleaning team can help your warehouse run smoothly, it will increase the workload as warehouse staff can then focus on keeping the warehouse running rather than having to tidy up. After every shift have a dedicated member check the warehouse for any hazards left behind and then ensure it is tidy ready for the shift change over. 

Keeping training and development up to date

One of your main focuses as an employer should be keeping your staff happy and up to speed with any training or development. Not having the necessary training in place or neglecting to ensure employees have a forklift license, for example,can lead to negligence, accidents or inefficiency. Also, having a good career path set out will motivate employees to work harder and be loyal to the company.

Re-vamp you warehouse

Warehouses can get tired and out of date, as interior warehouse specialists, Camara Industries say that having an organised warehouse can ‘help you improve operations and efficiency’. That’s why you should invest some time and money into upgrading shelves and systems as well as planning your picking route. 

Dos and Dont’s when operating a warehouse


  • Do oversee that all staff put on safety equipment before entering and when in the warehouse.
  • Do keep staff up to date with training, especially when using heavy equipment.
  • Do ensure that safety signs are displayed where all staff can see them.
  • Do allocate specific jobs for each employee and making sure their job role is understood.
  • Do rotate staff so you can keep the warehouse running 24/7.


  • Don’t overwork your staff, tiredness can lead to mistakes. Making your staff take their allocated breaks and keeping them hydrating can help keep employees awake and alert.
  • Don’t use stacking shelves as steps.
  • Don’t use a forklift or heavy machinery if not trained.
  • Don’t leave returns unattended.

We hope we have helped you become clearer on warehouse etiquette and you can get started on implementing them today. If you are expanding your business, check out 4 Cost-Effective Tips For Recruiting During A Pandemic.

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