Helping Your Employees To Maintain Good Health And Wellbeing by

Helping Your Employees To Maintain Good Health And Wellbeing

When you take on employees you take on responsibility over their health and wellbeing in the workplace. You need to ensure that the environment they’re working in, the equipment they’re working in and the tasks being asked of them are all safe and don’t pose a significant risk to them. There are also further steps you can take to go above and beyond when it comes to setting your employees on the right path in terms of their health.

Here are a few to consider!

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment

Sitting in the same spot or doing repetitive tasks all day every day can take its toll on your body.

Make sure that your employees’ are sufficiently protected against issues such as repetitive strain injury.

You can do this by investing in ergonomically designed furniture and equipment. There are various different types out there, ranging from ergonomic tables and seats to foot rests, back supports and more.

Offer Flu Vaccines

There are certain illnesses you can protect your employees from. Flu is one of them.

Generally speaking, flu vaccines are only freely available to the elderly and other individuals who have high risk when it comes to the flu. But workplace flu vaccinations can also be purchased to be given to your employees too. This will reduce their risk of developing flu and can also consequently reduce the amount of sick time taken throughout the year.

Provide Free Fruit

A surprising number of people don’t get their recommended five a day when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

So why not supply your employees with free fruit. It’s simple. Just put a fruit bowl or two in the staff kitchen and top it up as and when necessary. This way, staff are more likely to snack on healthy foods than unhealthy ones they might otherwise buy from local stores or bring in with them.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Natural Light

This may sound like an odd one. Many of us simply associate natural light with a nice aesthetic, but also something that isn’t absolutely necessary for a good office space. But when it comes down to it, natural light regulates our body’s circadian rhythms, which, in turn, determine when we want to fall asleep or not.

In the bright daylight, we perk up and are ready to be active.

When natural light dwindles, our bodies assume it’s night time and start to wind down.

Plenty of natural light is important for your employee’s sense of wellbeing, as well as good sleep cycles which help to prevent sleep deprivation. It will also benefit you, as they’re more likely to be more productive at work when there’s plenty of natural light!

These are just a few suggestions that are easy to implement and can make all the difference to your employees’ health and wellbeing. Try them out as soon as possible!

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