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What Are The Challenges Of Working From Home?

The workplace is changing. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has taught businesses that they need to be flexible. It has also taught businesses that they can operate without having to take up a physical office space. 

The implications of this are massive. With rent and running costs for business premises often being one of the major overheads that companies face, the idea that the office space could become redundant may seem like a great way of safeguarding profits for many. 

In addition to saving money, there are other benefits to remote working. The productivity levels of your team will skyrocket. There may be less of a need to stick to specific office hours, meaning that for those that work better at different times of the day, they can structure their schedule around their strengths and needs. It has huge ramifications for returning parents who can manage childcare around work easier. 

But working from home does come with its challenges. 

In this article, we’ll look at the challenges faced when working from home. And we’ll talk about how it is possible to overcome these challenges. 


A major concern when adapting to remote working should be cybersecurity. Home networks aren’t equipped to deal with the types of security threats that businesses face. Without sophisticated controls in place, your company’s valuable and sensitive data is under threat while passing through these home networks. 

There are several things that you can do to help manage your security risk. The first would be to outsource your IT security needs to a managed service provider. By doing this you will get 24/7 monitoring of your systems. You’ll also get help when it comes to creating disaster recovery plans. You can read more about this here

In addition to hiring a managed service provider to help you, you should also set up a virtual private network. This will give you an extra level of protection on your network and will make it far harder for anyone to hack into your network making it safe for you to pass sensitive data. 


When all of your employees are situated in different buildings, communication becomes ever more important than ever. When you are all working in the same office, it may be something that you take for granted. 

Hold regular phone or video conferencing meetings. This is a great chance for all of your team to speak with each other and engage fully. It allows you the chance to check your team’s understanding of your expectations. That way, nothing will get lost in miscommunication. 

Keep a meeting schedule. Try and include as many of your team as possible. Having this regular contact is also good for your team’s mental wellbeing

Think about bringing in tools such as Slack. This messaging app has multiple channels and allows for quick and simple communication. This can really help you with your creativity and encourage collaboration in the most effective way possible. 

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