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How Attorneys Should Respond To Negative Reviews For Their Law Firm

Nobody likes to get negative online reviews including the law firms. All law firms with an online presence may experience these scenarios if they encourage their clients to leave reviews about the services they received. Most of these firms have to develop ways of handling negative reviews from clients who are not satisfied with the manner in which their case was handled or solved by a specific attorney or a group of lawyers.

Majority of the solicitors and law firms have avoided the online presence due to the fear of negative reviews which they believe can damage their reputation. The fear is reasonable but it’s also sad. The possible clients want to read the reviews of others who have hired lawyers from a particular firm in the past.

A Law firm can use this opportunity to build its image by responding to negative reviews in the right manner. A firm with an online presence will be able to grasp more opportunities since it will be viewed globally.

Below are the ways on how attorneys should respond to online negative reviews:

Maintain your composure

Clients will be more keen on the negative reviews, but they will emphasize on your feedback, too. If the critic seems angry, impatient and sometimes frustrated and you find a calm, collected and fair-minded, the reader is likely to develop a suggestion that the client who made a negative review was biased and that your firm is the best to handle his/her problems.

Find solutions offline

Avoid fixing the negative reviews online no matter the issue. You may opt to call the client and try to settle the issue without having to go further. It’s not important to keep on seeing lots of back and forth. You need to ensure a third party reading your conversations observes that everything moved quickly and effectively to rectify the situation in the best way possible.

Improve Your Service

Constructive feedback is of much importance to both the attorneys and law firms if it enables them to improve on their weaknesses.

Make use of this and other more tips for attorneys about online reviews and how to handle them. If the reviews are negative try to make the necessary changes which will lead to the provisions of better services and ensure the problem won’t be repeated again. Law firms usually spend a lot of money on consultants and third parties to find out what their clients require. An online review whether negative or positive enables a firm to identify its strengths and weaknesses thereby enhancing the firm to introduce some changes to suit the needs of their clients as well as requirements.

Enhanced services can be utilized to address the problems experienced by your clients. If the client does not respond or is not willing to engage in further conversations or amend their reviews, you may counter the negative reviews by demonstrating the improvements you have introduced.

Negative reviews are valuable. By offering a response to the negative reviews, you demonstrate to prospective customers that you value their feedback and you are ready to upgrade your services to satisfy their wants.

Negative reviews are an integral part of the business/firm with an online presence. The negative reviews are not meant to damage the reputation of a law firm or attorneys image but their main aim is to help the company to impoverish certain areas in order to meet the customer’s needs. As a lawyer, you should never react angrily to negative reviews made by your clients.

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