Your Small Business + This Software = Success by

Your Small Business + This Software = Success

Sometimes in the early days of setting up your business, it can feel like a minefield trying to work out what software can help you get specific jobs done faster.

  • Which companies can you trust?
  • What about the pricing?
  • Locked into contracts?
  • What about good old fashioned hard work and pen and paper?
  • Is there a one-stop shop for your software solutions?

There probably is, take a look at precise NetSuite pricing estimates to find out more about some excellent business management suites.

Well, to get ahead you need to automate a lot, and quickly. As well as managing to stay on top of your workload. It’s not easy being boss. But here are a few software that can get you on the road to making bank.


Fast, efficient and relatively well priced. You don’t have to be an expert to get started with this, and it has a really easy to use mobile app while can track all of your transfers, business spent, personal spent and even your mileage.

It’s very popular and super easy to use. You can buy it for a one time cost, of you can subscribe and pay for the months you need. It’s powerful enough to do your taxes for you without breaking a sweat – and without you needing an accountant.

G Suite

If you are writing copy, putting together proposals or even just want to share a gif Google Docs is fast efficient and is most importantly free.

Of course, not everyone needs a word processor so you might be more interested in Google Sheets, Google Forms, Slides, Sites and so much more. Access is easy via your mobile phone or your computer, and as above you can share your work in seconds.


If you want a change from the humdrum Word document proposals you usually send out, why not try using a tool like this business proposal tool from Qwilr?

Streamlines the process, visually appealing, easy-to-use and has a whole host of advanced features as well.


This can be a sticky word, and it is currently very over saturated with software. It is hard to know what is worth our time and your money. Infusionsoft Complete is a one-stop solution to your marketing needs. It can collate 10,000 contacts, records interactions when you need marks contacts with their hot-cold markers.

Plus it can help you build a comprehensive campaign featuring intelligent analytics and even a landing page. You’ll need to take the training program to get used to this one, but it is very much worth it after that. Complex but amazing.

Of course, you will need to consider other software too. If you are a photographer, you’ll probably be pretty keen on the Adobe editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom, but there are alternatives like Affinity and Capture one. InDesign is fantastic if you are producing magazines or e-books, but you might opt for Lucidpress or Foleon instead.

Write down a list of all of the repetitive jobs that you do on a daily basis and then find something that suits your need. Anything repetitive can be handed off to software, to save time and money by automating those processes. Money that you spend here is an investment in your business.

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