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How Do I Use Word Cloud?

What Does the Term Word Cloud Mean and Signify?

The term word cloud refers to and signifies an assemblage or cluster of various types and kinds of words. It displays different and diverse texts using distinct and unique sizes and styles. It depends and, on a few parameters, and factors. To summarize, a word cloud serves as a depiction and demonstration. It does so for various relevant and essential textual data in a visual manner or fashion. 

A word cloud also goes by the other names, such as wordle, text cloud, tag cloud, and weighted list. It can comprise and come with a few varied and significant keywords. It can consist of the ones that get applied on some websites.  

A word cloud has a unique way of representing the significance and importance of a word by using different and distinct styles, colors, and sizes. The bolder, bigger, and more pronounced a text is, the higher is its level of relevance. In other words, the more a word catches the eye and appeals to the viewers, the more significant it is. Due to this reason, a word cloud gets included in the list of the best methods to isolate, disconnect, and extract the most pertinent and necessary parts of a selected portion of data or a text. 

A word cloud divides and separates the essential portions and sections from any one source. After that, it relocates and transfers them to a few selected databases. This process serves to maintain and preserve records of the action. 

In typical cases and circumstances, a word cloud gets used for depicting, representing, and illustrating the essentiality of the displayed and highlighted parts of data with the help of a single word or tag for each. The weight of the text gets established and exhibited using a particular and selected color, font size, and font style.

This process and method of portraying and depicting the words allow for a comparison to find the differences between distinct and chosen sections or portions of the data. It aids in uncovering, locating, and revealing the resemblances and likenesses that exist in the wordings. They can come up in any portion of the section under review. 

In other instances, a word cloud can come with and provide a few hyperlinked references related to and associated with it. The links direct and take the users and viewers to some other website, product, or item. These hyperlinks hold and possess some kind or sort of significance and relevance to the portrayed and showcased words or tags. 

What are the Different Ways of Using a Word Cloud?

The uses of a word cloud do not get limited to a single field worldwide. It has a flexible way in which it can provide benefits irrespective of where it finds application. For this very reason, the word cloud can get used in businesses, schools, homes, and even for online purposes. It stands true for both the word clouds used on an offline platform and the live word clouds

A word cloud helps make a simple, plain, and unsophisticated piece of text engaging, captivating, and appealing. It provides a colorful and exciting display of words instead of the conventional and monotonous black and white lines and sentences. In other words, it increases the charm of mere texts, compelling people to take a second look or glance at them. 

A word cloud also allows individuals to learn, memorize, and remember particular words and tags effortlessly and conveniently as well as you can take it as a virtual team games. It is primarily because the more a person glimpses something, the more they become more likely to recall and recollect it better. It can get owed to the stimulation their nerves and senses receive, increasing their focus and concentration. Hence, it comes in handy when someone has to commit something to their memory in a short span, especially students who need to learn keywords and vocabulary.    

Another application of a word cloud can include a fun and exciting way of creating a polling system. This voting arrangement can get done and generated both via manual and digital means. It works the best in an online medium where the mode and method of interaction and communication are via technical processes. Using a word cloud, any individual can display the given and selected options and choices. In this case, each has and comes with a unique color, size, and style.

It works and operates uniquely and distinctly. As the votes start coming in, the displayed and portrayed words experience some changes in their dimensions. With their increasing frequency and popularity, the choices can grow in size or become smaller. Using this system of polling, we can find the option that gets chosen the most. It would get represented as the biggest, boldest, and most pronounced word or tag. The converse or opposite happens and is visible for the one that gets selected the least.

This system and style of voting and polling make the process thrilling and motivating, unlike the tedious traditional methods. The voters can see the changes they make in the polls. Hence, they feel like they are a part of the entire process. 

What are the Ways to Create a Word Cloud?

The process of creating a word cloud is relatively simple, contrary to the other arduous methods. It stands true for both the offline and the online or live ones. 

Different and diverse platforms can come into use for this purpose. They can consist of various polling interfaces, Zoom, and also some programming languages like Python. 

The systematic method of creating a word cloud comprises the following steps:

  • An individual has to determine and decide on the goal and outcome of the project they wish to acquire using the word cloud. 
  • Next, they need to segregate the data they want to get displayed in the word cloud. 
  • After that, they have to generate an empty word cloud along with its activity. 
  • Lastly, the users have to present the word cloud to the viewers and display its results. 
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