How To Deal With Colleagues That Do Not Get On by

How To Deal With Colleagues That Do Not Get On

Within the workplace, there are going to be a lot of different characters all working to achieve success for the business they’re in. And with that, some colleagues may not see eye to eye or get on with each other. So here are some tips for dealing with colleagues that don’t get on.

Find Where The Conflict Stems From

The conflict between two employees will probably stem from somewhere, and it’s important to find out where that comes from. It could be something that one of them did to the other, or it may be to do with the work processes that are currently in place.

Think about how the company can help find a resolution to this conflict. This might be sitting them both down to discuss their issues or seeing if it can’t be resolved by going to the issue at hand that might be to do with how a process is being done within the workplace. Changing this might make the difference between them being more friendly to one another.

Try To Find A Mutual Connection

Sometimes, it’s a case of two people just not being compatible with each other, and that can be difficult to resolve.

One way worth considering though is to think about finding a mutual connection between the two of them where they can find themselves agreeing to the same thing.

By having a similarity with each other, hopefully, that will make them feel differently, and it be a symbol of peace between the two of them working together professionally.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth trying to see if you can’t salvage any of the working relationships that might be left.

Keep Them Apart If You Can

When it doesn’t pan out the way you’d hoped, the best thing you can do is to keep them apart where possible. You may want to give them a warning or talk about how they behave in the workplace, and if they’re both good workers, then you don’t want to lose either of them.

So do keep them apart where you can, and hopefully, the working day can go by without too many problems occurring. If you’ve got quite a big company office, then keep them on separate floors.

Create More Team-Building Opportunities

Team-building opportunities are a great thing for a company to introduce to their staff. It’s good for them to be aware that they need to continue working as a team regardless of where any dislike is being harbored.

With that in mind, start introducing more of these company days away to encourage a healthier working relationship with your staff. Sometimes it’s just a case of miscommunication or a lack of awareness of what the other person does in their job.

Having a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace is essential, so try these tips to see what difference you can make to the relationships. Be firm where necessary but also come up with solutions where you can that makes everyone happy.

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