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Improving Social Work in Rural Communities

There’s no shortage of social issues that need to be banished from the world. In an age when everything is possible, it’s important that everyone has the chance to become the best version of themselves, yet this can only happen if you have adequate access to the help that they need.

Yet there’s a significant section of society that does not receive this help, or at least not as much help as they should: the people that live in rural communities. Though there are plenty of social workers in the United States, the vast majority work in cities, which means that there’s underrepresentation in rural areas.

The good news is that new ways of dealing with the challenges of social care in rural areas are developing all the time.

People in need are able to receive vital care and attention via the internet or the phone, where they can connect with a professional using a telemedicine service. This integrating of IT services in rural areas also helps the professionals that already work there — instead of feeling as if they’re trying to put out a fire all by themselves, they can connect with colleagues in other parts of the country.

While IT is already used in rural areas for social care, it’s something that’s expected to grow even further in recent years. As well as being more readily available, IT care will also be effective and more affordable.

To learn more about this, check out the infographic from the University of Nevada Reno below. 

University of Nevada Reno University of Nevada Reno

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